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How to set up a childcare business

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TheTartOfAsgard Wed 11-May-16 12:57:12


I'm really fed up at work. I hate my job and have been looking for something else to do.

I've had an idea to do childcare for older children. There are no other childcare providers for children aged 11+ in my area (as I found out when looking for my own aged 11 and 12) so I know there could be a need for this. Researching online I can see there are mixed ideas on when to leave kids alone so I am confident I would attract clients. I would do before/ after school and all holidays, also emergency care if kid is poorly/school closes etc.
I want to be registered so people could get help with costs from hmrc.

Firstly, does anyone think this is a good idea? I've only been thinking of it for a few days so not really spoken to anyone about it.
Secondly, Does anyone know if I need to have a specific qualification to do this, or pass a course? I have an NVQ2 in childcare and education which I passed in 1999 but have never worked in a nursery. I am first aid trained, due another in December.

Are there any things I haven't thought of or I should be thinking of?


nannynick Wed 11-May-16 16:02:30

Insurance - that may then determine things like training. Sounds more like playwork than childcare so if you rearch youth clubs and playwork that may give you info on what you need.

Willow2016 Thu 12-May-16 14:29:25

Only thing that strikes me is the emergency care if child is poorly. You are on dodgy ground there as you shouldnt be taking 'poorly' children into your setting unless its something non-infectious. If your clients think you will do this then some might be of the opinion that you would take them 'poorly' from home to let them go to work. After you have agreed to this in principle it would be difficult to get out of it (when they start to take the p, and beleive me some will) so make sure you are clear on what you mean. You also need to be clear on how long you would take the child before parents pick up, would they expect you to take them to hospital etc (some would!) how would you get back in time for your other kids?
Just think of every possible scenario that could occur at school and what the parent might expect you to do and decide if its worth it to you! wink

Also saying you would do all holidays. When would you be taking time off for your holidays? You also need to be clear about this. Trust me working with kids 5/7 days a week you really need to recharge your batteries at some point. Plus if you have work to do in the house you may need time off to do it (i.e repairs, decorating, building work, cleaning carpets etc)

In principle its a good idea, I notice many parents are not willing to let older kids stay home themselves so you could have a good niche market and hope it works out for you.
Have you decided what the kids will do at your house? What will you provide? How many you will take?

You could contact your local council for advice about setting up and your local C.M.A rep too.

Good Luck

fuzzyfozzy Thu 12-May-16 14:33:11

If you're working from your home you would be a childminder and need the courses, insurance, first aid etc associated with that.
Be careful with costs, older children are never full, they can eat a lot! They are not free when you take them to attractions around here.
You'll need to be careful with a policy re mobile phones and safeguarding as I would have thought they'd want to bring them.
Also around here local holiday clubs are subsidised and are not financially viable to compete with.

PhoebeMcPeePee Thu 12-May-16 14:45:26

I actually think this is a great idea - essentially a childminder but without all he little ones in tow which (IME) is what older children dislike about a childminder! Agree with previous poster about food so definitely bring own packed lunch & as older children don't need to eat so early, close at 6pm and just provide snack not full evening meal and I would impose a strict no personal gadgets/phone rule (but accept a film or some managed/limited gaming is ok), find some days out / activities that aren't per head as older children always cost on entry and make sure you it's financially viable as it's very easy to go for a free day out and then end up spending £30 on fuel, water, a few ice creams etc.

I would expect you to be more than a local council club (£18) but less than a normal childminder (£48) so in my area I would reckon on c.£25 a day with extra for longer hours. I'd love to go down this rote in a few years and be over the moon not to be on the early years register anymore.

TheTartOfAsgard Thu 12-May-16 16:27:58

Thank you for all your feedback.

Re poorly children - I was just writing all the times that I've needed childcare and was thinking more along the lines of if they're poorly at school and need picking up early, but i can see how that could be difficult in regards to other kids I'll be minding.

Re activities. Term times I was thinking along the lines of the youth club I went to in the 90's - Somewhere they'd want to go rather than something lame. homework (I have math a levels and science based degree so could try and help), I already have a games room with pc/Xbox/wii u, reading, baking, I play guitar and piano so could play music. Obviously tv and Netflix. Possibly something art based. Was considering getting a summer house/large shed type of building in the garden anyway so could figure that in somehow.

Holidays - I'm in the Forest of Dean so there's tons to do locally. Trip type things thinking of go ape, go karting, crazy golf and there's a nearby lido when the weathers nice for swimming or leisure centre pool of its not.

There's literally nothing around here to base prices off so was thinking of charging base rate plus food on top or they could supply packed lunch (I'd provide drinks and snacks)

I'm going to speak to someone at the council tomorrow about how to set up, or even if it's possible for me to - I'm confused and excited at the same time.

Thank you all again 😊

JustLostTheGame Thu 12-May-16 16:32:43

Its a brilliant idea OP. Hope you can make it work, i do think there is a need for it.

fuzzyfozzy Thu 12-May-16 16:59:13

Check Ofsteds website, fairly sure you'll have to register. If it's over 8s you're not constricted by numbers other than safety.
Re illness you have a duty to keep other children safe so wouldn't be able to bring them home if you had others. You also have to keep yourself well, if you get d&v, you're off unpaid for 48 hrs.

Willow2016 Fri 13-May-16 23:51:50

Sounds like you thought a lot about this. You have some great ideas.

Just to reiterate what pp said about cost of outings for tweens/teens could be a lot higher than for toddlers. Although it sounds good to be providing outdoor activities the costs do mount up and you could end up spending half your fees in a day (and thats before all the other regular expenses come off) You would need to cost it all out and perhaps charge parents extra for the bigger activities so you arent out of pocket.

Also I meant Your holidays smile you would have to think carefully about how much holidays you would take and when and make sure that parents knew about it so they could make alternative arrangements. Some parents would expect you to work every holiday all year to accomodate them and dont think you need a holiday too smile

Definately be clear about what food you will provide, i.e. ONE snack as in the past I have had experience with tweens/teens asking for food about every half hour! Not cost effective! Plus you have the added bonus of having the Environmental Health lot around inspecting you for providing food on the premises.

FInd out your local child minders rates and after school club rates and research your own costs. There are many expenses that you wouldnt think of at first - wear and tear on your home, electricity, gas (if you have it) and this all goes up in the winter. P.L. Insurance, paperwork, house insurance, car insurance, professional fees, courses, first aid, resources, etc etc. It all mounts up and it needs to come off your fees before you earn anything.

Sounds like you would provide a great service though, Good Luck.

P.S. be prepared for a bunch of stroppy tired kids who just want to chill out after a hard day at school in front of a warm tv/computer game sometimes and not want to do anything at all smile

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