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Childminder issues

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Zongro30 Wed 04-May-16 22:57:00

I hired a registered childminder for past 3 months in order for to balance my finish time at work , it was all good until the calling in sick started.

But what really bugs me is that she calls in sick complaining of a back injury and can't do the school run for my other child who is in school and therefore I can get a refund for her but says she can look after my youngest , am really buffled here how is she meant to look after my youngest with a back injury ??? And I said I will take him else where but could I have at least a refund and she say NO , because I choose to take my youngest elsewhere myself as she has mentioned she can look after the youngest . I have just paid a lot of money and I am not paying for my youngest to go and sit in her house to watch TV . I think it's just pure GREED . Help !!!!!

Ruthiesj Wed 04-May-16 23:19:30

I have no experience of this, but I would tell her that if she is not well enough to do the school run, she's not well enough to offer a full day's care to a toddler. Add to this that you will need to arrange alternative care for your eldest, explain that it is not practical to collect your children from multiple places at the end of the day.

IHeartTyrion Wed 04-May-16 23:23:22

What was in the contract you signed regarding her being paid if sick?

How do you know your youngest is watching TV all day?

Whilst she is within her right to continue to charge you if she is maintaining that she can look after your youngest I'm also struggling to understand how she can do one but not the other - have you asked her this directly?

jannier Thu 05-May-16 14:38:55

you say the calling in sick this the first time or several?

How does she get to school? I've had bad backs that made walking a distance hard but was okay around the house.

Is your youngest mobile so generally no carrying? Have you asked her what activities she does at home? Ive spent days in and been so active we never have a tv on unless its the end of a day and the children are tiered after being very active or an occasional school holiday film.

I think you need to talk to her to find out why she can do one and not the other and then go from there.

longdiling Thu 05-May-16 14:43:02

I guess it depends on the back injury. I have a parent who's just asked me to to take on extra days for her child during term time as her mum has a back problem that means she can't drive and so can't get him to school. She can have him otherwise though. So it is possible for her to manage a toddler but not be able to drive. If this is the case then I'm not sure why she should offer you a refund on the child she can look after.

longdiling Thu 05-May-16 14:44:47

Oh and do you know the TV watching is going on or just assuming it? If she's basically told you she's having to park him in front of the TV because of his back then that changes things and I reckon you are well within your rights to want to find alternative care and get a refund.

Ladybirdturd Thu 05-May-16 21:07:29

I would advise you speak to your cm and ask her for further clarification. She may have a back injury that makes it painful to drive or push a buggy (maybe even a double / triple).
And you didn't hire her, you have a contract to use the service she provides.

SpoonintheBin Thu 05-May-16 21:15:39

First of all you don't hire a childminder, she is self employed. It's not like nanny.

If you believe so strongly that she is driven by GREED and that your child is watching to all day give her notice. Have you signed a contract?

If she does the school run in the car and she can't drive because of a back injury then she might be fine to safely look after a younger child. She might be trying to help you out. If you believe it's not safe or your child is not being cared for properly then stop the contract. Give notice and find someone else.

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