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After school care - help needed!

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toots111 Wed 04-May-16 17:41:37

The school my daughter is going to doesn't have an after school club and there are no local childminders with spaces to do a pick up. So I and two mum friends have found someone who is happy to pick our three girls up and bring them back to our house and look after them for three hours three days a week. My question is assuming we want everything to be legal and above board and not cash in hand, how do we do this? A nanny can only work for two families apparently, a childminder is in their own home, can she just be a babysitter and self employed? I want to do things right but it seems like we're just not allowed to have three kids from different families (when four kids from two families would be fine!). Any suggestions?

Karoleann Wed 04-May-16 20:56:19

Although you may need to sit on the phone for a bit HMRC are actually quite helpful at times. I'd call them and explain the situation and ask their advice. If you're not getting somewhere with a particular individual just ask to be transferred to someone else.

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