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Sick Pay for nanny contract

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OrangeSunset Tue 03-May-16 12:30:50

We've nanny starting soon who will be working 6 hours/week.

I've checked the HMRC website and it doesn't sound like she'd be eligible for SSP as she earns under £112 per week.

So can we stipulate what we like? I was thinking of something like 50% of salary for weeks 4-12, then nothing or is that really mean?

I know it sound like a luxury having a nanny, but I only earn about £3 more per hour so I don't want to get myself into an unsustainable financial situation.


IceMaiden73 Tue 03-May-16 15:17:03

I wouldn't pay any sick pay, just say it would be statutory only - of course she wouldn't meet the criteria

Callaird Tue 03-May-16 15:25:52

Most nanny contracts state SSP only as some may take advantage of your generosity!

I have 2 weeks at full pay and then SSP. I've been a nanny for nearly 30 years and had 11 days off in that time. I go to work when I am really poorly (double chest and ear infection, 3 different antibiotics in 10 days!) but on the understanding that I am able to take it very easy with lots of tv time for my charge, although current charge is not bothered about tv and gets bored after 20 minutes but will play quietly by himself!

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