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Childminder being unreasonable?

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worriedmummy32 Sat 30-Apr-16 17:04:58

My DS (3) has been with his CM for nearly 2 years, he loves it there but recently he is having issues with tantrums; quite minor and normal for his age, however the childminder says he is making her 'upset' when he has a tantrum and has started saying they can't go on certain trips if he has a tantrum; when it happens now it seems that our CM doesn't have a lot of patience with him. This is quite different how I would handle this but I find it really hard to say anything as I think the CM would get offended. My Lo at home now will say, I made her sad when I cried. Am I overreacting? How is the best way to raise this?

MoodyWarps Sat 30-Apr-16 19:34:24

I would suggest asking your cm if you can discuss the strategies that you both use regarding the tantrums. Imply that you are concerned about continuity of care and the confusion in different techniques in response to the tantrums. Try to work with her rather than trying to tell her she is wrong, she may have never dealt with this before or found that her way worked for another child. As a cm, even if I felt upset by a parents view, I would take it on board and try to adjust things to suit us both.

Oh, and the trips, I would struggle to take a tantrum prone 3 year old on some trips as I also have other children to care for so on some days it would limit or change our plans. HTH

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