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What do you look for in a nanny?

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Somedancingtodo Sun 17-Apr-16 17:39:17

Hello, I hope it's okay for me to post this here.
I'm currently working as a teaching assistant but I am keen on working as a nanny. I've worked in schools for the past couple of years as a teaching assistant and an early years practitioner, as well as a 1:1 support worker.
Although I do have childcare experience and qualifications, these are all related to working in schools, apart from one summer I spent as an au pair.
What sort of things did you look for when employing your nanny? The agencies I've looked at mainly want direct nannying experience which is something I don't have.
I know I'll need to renew my paediatric first aid training and I'm currently learning to drive but does anyone have any other ideas that would help?
And if any nannies have any tips on how they secured their first roles, that'd be brilliant too.
Thank you!

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blublutoo Mon 18-Apr-16 13:26:14

Hi I'm a nanny not a parent but here are some tips.
I think you've got everything under control, in terms of getting your paediatric first aid sorted and learning to drive (although I don't actually drive in my current job, it just isn't needed!)
Secondly, perhaps look into getting a before / after school position for your first one, some people need 7-9 am and 3-7 in the pm. On my first nannying job I was on £8 per hour, but I was only 19 and it was a few days a week alongside my degree. I am now on a little more as I'm a few years older and more experienced. Don't focus too much on agencies, I've never bothered with them really. is a great place to advertise and also search, as well as gumtree or even local fb pages. What area do you live in? I may be able to guide you.
Just do your research. If you're going to go for a job with a 1 year old, make sure you know the sorts of things 1 year olds need, because a 1 year old is different to school ages. Research local toddler groups and take these suggestions to your interview. If you struggle to find a job you could try being a mothers help at first. This should provide you with a good reference then too! Good luck and pm me if you have any questions.

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