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Nanny salary - Greater London - 3 years childcare experience

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mumoftwoboysgl Tue 12-Apr-16 22:24:02

I wondered if anyone can help.

We have met a nanny who we are interested in hiring. She is relatively inexperienced (2 years nursery, 1 year nannying) but is a great match for us and has lots of lovely qualities.

The agency are suggesting a gross wage per hour of £13. She will work 48 hours a week for us over 4 days, and I think that this is a little high based on the level of experience. I want to offer a good salary, but I had though that £13 was the standard salary for 5+ years experience in Greater London / Kent borders.

Any thoughts appreciated!

writingonthewall Wed 13-Apr-16 06:23:31

What is that net with a standard tax code? Seems a bit high to me. remember there will be pension on top of that. Agencies have an incentive to push up the hourly rate as their fee is related to it. Depending on where you are in London I would use a tax calculator, put in £9.50/10 net per hour with a standard tax code and use that gross figure.

RicStar Wed 13-Apr-16 06:24:10

Yes it sounds a little high to me - certainly when I was looking candidates of this type were asking a little less on I pay my nanny slightly more than this SE london z2/3 boarders but she has 16 years nanny experience and it is for fewer hours.

nannynick Wed 13-Apr-16 10:39:31

Sounds a bit high given the experience level.
Easier to increase a salary then to decrease it, so you could offer lower and see if they accept the job. Then over the next year give an increase if their performance justifies it and if you can afford to do so.

Did you state a salaey in your job ad?
Do you have other applicants?
Are other jobs in the area offering similar?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 14-Apr-16 16:08:30

£13 for 2 years experience. hmm

I earn just over that for nanny jobs - much more for maternity and I have 25yrs exp

If you can Afford that then ask to see canidates who have 10yrs +

She will out price her self from the market

Or earn the same salary forever - I've been on £13 gross ish for 7yrs and no payrise as at top end of market - but got here years ago lol

mumoftwoboysgl Thu 14-Apr-16 20:35:49

Thanks all. When I spoke to the agencies I said that I was happy to pay the going rate based on experience. The two agencies I am using differ slightly on what they are advising.

I have had a lot of applications but have not found many suitable candidates yet. I only interviewed three people last time I hired but think I must have been lucky!

It does seem that it doesn't take too long for nannies to reach the higher levels of pay (or at least expect it).

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