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venys Fri 01-Apr-16 17:47:28

Hi, sorry for all my random questions lately. I am a SAHM and need childcare on an as hoc or temporary basis in general. The thing that puts me off hiring emergency nannies is the car insurance. If I was unwell or have to have an appointment somewhere, I need someone to drive the kids to school / nursery / gym etc (nothing is easily accessible by bus and too far to walk). What puts me off is insurance as currently I have to contact insurers, they quote then I have to pay. The process takes 2+ days. Anyone have any idea or recommendations for any driver car insurance? From what I read it makes the premium VERY expensive for the odd day here and there. In New Zealand, any driver over 25 insurance is standard so the situation would be easier. Let me know your solutions if any. Cheers.

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nannynick Fri 01-Apr-16 17:48:58

Would a temporary nanny not be using their own car? They would then be responsible for having suitable insurance.

venys Fri 01-Apr-16 18:04:56

They could but I now have 3 kids so occasionally they might have to transport all 3 in suitable car seats for their age - although this wouldn't be every time and could be one child. So it might be easier to use our car? Also we live in London and many people don't even own a car. But I might be wrong. Still sussing it out.

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nannynick Fri 01-Apr-16 18:18:31

If you could search on a website/app for an emergency nanny and it said if they had their own car suitable for 3 children, would that be of help? There may be issues with getting car seats to fit. Some nannies may even provide their own car seats - I have seats suitable for a range of ages from birth upwards.

Would they have to transport children - could they use public transport. I am not London based so I don't know how good local transport is but I get the feeling a lot of areas do see a bus several times an hour. Could they get older children to school via combination of walking and bus?

It may be easier to use your car but getting insurance at very short notice may or may not be practical and may cost a lot.

venys Fri 01-Apr-16 19:37:54

Problem is one child has learning difficulties and I am not comfortable with an emergency nanny dealing with him and siblings on public transport - but that would only be in holidays - he gets council transport to school otherwise . There is good transport in London, but most of the places we go to need more than one bus / train - but could be done with the 3 year old at least. Good to know there are such nannies with transport and car seats though. I shall investigate. There is one cm around ours that makes me laugh. She has a Chrysler Grand Voyager which is humongous, she has to park across two spaces when dropping kids off to nursery and its a bit battered from too many prangs. But I digress.

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