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Need advice on job I'm interviewing for.

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Hironsbirons Sat 19-Mar-16 16:21:29

Applied for a nanny job in December, and heard nothing. Forgot all about it until last week (I was in the middle of moving house when I applied so didn't enquire further), when I received a message on another site asking if I was the same person, and if I was still interested. Emailed over my cv and got a text late at night asking for me to call when I had time. Called and arranged an interview. Went to the interview, which went well. Turns out they tried to use an agency to find someone but the agency only found one suitable person in 3 months, and they didn't like her interview. Got a text a few days later saying they liked me, and wanted me to interview with them again, and to send them a reference, which I did. Haven't been able to arrange an interview date with them yet, I didn't get a response to either my text or my email (sent a few days apart), they said they wanted to see me this weekend but it's now half 4 on Saturday, surely it's a bit late to expect me to be available tomorrow?! Are they taking the piss, or is this normal? With my current job I was offered it at the first interview!

TiredOfSleep Sat 19-Mar-16 16:57:24

They sound high maintenance already, but if they're juggling busy job and childcare might be fairly understandable. If you're unemployed perhaps keep with it and ensure flexible probation period if you want to back out.

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