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Cm club: planning/next steps/foundation phase

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HiccupHaddockHorrendous Wed 16-Mar-16 20:28:08

I'm trying get my head around what I have to do to meet this area of minding but I really don't see how I can fit this into my setting.
Foundation phase is 3-7yrs. All my 3-7yr olds are in nursery or school. When they are with me, there are also under 1yr, 1yr and 2yr olds. How do I tailor activities to suit all ages?
I feel so overwhelmed by it all but I'm desperate to work it out and do what is expected of me.
I have spent the last 3 hours trying to find info online but I keep getting stuck.
Activities I've found are aimed at nurseries or schools where the groups of children are the same age.
Also, I'm in Wales and a lot of the info I've found is related to eyfs, rather than foundation phase.
Finally, do we really only have to do this for 3-7yr olds or have I missed the bit that covers 0-3?
If anyone can offer any advice, I'd be ever so grateful!!!

jannier Mon 21-Mar-16 13:38:05

I cant say for Wales but every school holiday I do activities suitable for ages 0 to at least 8. They can all do painting, gluing and craft of some sort together you may help older ones plan ideas if say they want to build a space ship and let the younger ones have a go with all the junk to see what they create. Mine all love hamma beads the younger ones soon get fed up with trying to complete a shape but will sit with scoops and containers sorting colours and filling like it was sand. They all love playdo and messy play as well as dressing up (even the 13 year old gets into playdo)

I don't plan day to day as in we will do firemen today but have ideas to do some sort of sticking, pencil/mark making etc...then if on the way home we see something that sparks interest we will take pictures and I will print them off or do research when we are in, either asan IT part of the day or while they are having a drink or free play...we then use this in messy play...trees in cornflour, cutting and making our own puzzles, putting in plastic for dough mats...older ones will do more research make models drawings role play and more It skills on the subject. we might find an experiment like the other day the drain we past was blocked to we made bottles of oil, water and glitter to show how drains block.
Most things are child led day by day with only the skills they are learning being planned.

longdiling Wed 23-Mar-16 13:49:21

Are you on Facebook op? There is a group on there called childminders in Wales with lots of useful info about this

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