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Feel stuck

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SarahKRxo1 Tue 15-Mar-16 15:18:22

Hello, I have been working for my NF for about 10 months now, I see the children as my own and we have bonded massively, I get on extremely well with MB as well so all in all I'm a happy nanny.
When I first started I was working 28 hours a week, my youngest charge started nursery and MB found herself a new job so my hours were cut to 24 a week (okay I could live with this). Since I was so happy in the job I thought money isn't everything, I would rather be happy.
Things have been going well for the last couple of months except MB's new job are a terrible company to work for, constantly chopping and changing her hours therefor my hours have been chopped and changed as well.
My hours at the moment are Mon, Wed, Fri and sat (I've not had a full week end of since Christmas and that's only because Christmas Day and Boxing Day happened to fall on the week end).
We were speaking yesterday and she informed me that her hours were being cut (by her own choice though) so therefor my hours were being cut again by 2 or 3 hours a week. It's not a huge difference but I don't exactly make that much money as it.
The new hours would be:-
Week 1 - Mon, Wed, Fri
Week 2 - Mon, Wed, Sat and so on.
Am I right in thinking its a bit unfair for her to cut my hours but expect me to technically be available four days a week as one week I would work a fri then the next a sat?
I've tried to explain to her that Im struggling as it is finding another job to fit around my current hours to make up for the short fall but with the new hours it would probably be impossible.
She's a single mum so tends to play that card quite a bit. (not trying to offend anyone) but she gets all the benefits, tax credits etc. My wages are paid for by tax credits as I'm OFSTED reg, she gets the nursery sessions for free as their funded. She has quite a good job herself, nice house but then sits there and winges about how my wages are so expensive each week :/
Although I'm contracted 24 hours a week I always work over that, as she doesn't want to pay the overtime out of her own pocket at the end of the month we agreed that she would give me a day off in lieu but every time I've asked her about a certain date she's told me that she can't give me the day off because she has no one else to have the kids (fair enough she doesn't have a great support system but why agree to the arrangement in the first place then?).
I'm starting to get the feeling that she doesn't want a nanny at all and just wants to save every penny as much as possible, it's starting to make me feel very uncomfortable as I'd prefer to work for a family that actually needs/wants me there and appreciates what I do for them.
All of this is supposedly happening in Mid May, I think I might leave it until the end of this month and then bring it up again and explain that I need to know what's happening with my hours.
The plan was that I would stay until September (when little one goes to school full time) and then move on so I'm a bit upset that I might need to leave earlier than planned.
Am I being unreasonable, is she?
If someone could advise me, I'd be extremely grateful.

centigrade451 Tue 15-Mar-16 16:52:25

I would start looking for another employer. She is not acting like a fair employer.I have a feeling you are to nice and a pushover. In a way, the perfect nanny to treat like dirt.

She is being unreasonable and unfair with you. You have already allowed her to walk all over you because you are happy with the family. This does not give her licence to treat you this way.

It is better to move on and hopefully you have learned to set clear boundaries. You should get a properly written contract that specifies the hours and days and it should be enforced. This includes not allowing her to cut hours willy nilly.

Chalk it down to experience.

SarahKRxo1 Wed 16-Mar-16 10:59:45

Hi, thank you for you're message.
Unfortunately jobs around here are far and few between, I also don't drive so I am restricted to where I can travel to.
If we could come to a compromise, I would like to stay as I'm genuinely happy here.
She has written the new hours down today for me so I can how many ill be doing.
One week I will be working 22 hours
and then the next week I'll be working 23 and so on.
Would you expect to be paid for 22 or 23?
I'm planning on speaking to her tonight and explaining my concerns.

SarahKRxo1 Wed 16-Mar-16 11:01:48

When I first started working for her I wrote my own contract and she signed in, but then my hours changed and I never bothered to change the contract, I don't think she would stick to it anyway to be honest x

RattieOfCatan Wed 16-Mar-16 12:37:47

Leave. I have worked for people like this in the past and I just got more and more miserable and started to resent my employers. It's really not worth it and it will all end in tears.

SarahKRxo1 Wed 16-Mar-16 12:48:45

Hi, I have been looking on child care websites but like I said jobs around here are far and few between, I have bills to pay so I can't just leave unless I have something else to go to, I also would like to leave on good terms so I have can get a reference as well.
I would honestly like to stay here if we could come to some sort of arrangement, and I would only be here until September anyway so it's not forever.
I just wanted to know whether you would expect to be paid for 23 or 22 hours?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 16-Mar-16 15:05:33

So you did 28 down to 25 and now down to 23

I rem reading your posts before. If she needs you to be flexible both fri and sat alternate weeks then she needs to pay for 4 days each week as you can't get another job on either day

I honestly don't think anyone else would happily work every other sat so sit down with her and say the hours arnt enough now as she keeps reducing them and need to be a set no of hours - 23 in this case

So you are doing 7 /8 a day?

DamsenBerry Wed 16-Mar-16 15:15:41

I've also had this kind of thing before too, its a tough situation to be in. I've been too nice and ended up being a pushover before, just like PPs have suggested.

My advice would be to have a frank discussion with her, that you expect to be paid for 23 hours a week and you can keep a log of hours (communal diary) and if there's any +/- owed you can figure out a day in lieu or a day worked for free, to balance back out at the end of the month. This can then be written into your contract and resigned. Id reiterate that you cant live on an estimated wage which is subject to change, and you really do need to be paid a set amount either monthly or weekly.

I really hope you get sorted out.

SarahKRxo1 Wed 16-Mar-16 16:23:06

Hi every one, she won't pay me for four days (have asked in the past).
She basically wants everything for nothing so to speak.
The problem is that one week I work my full hours and then the next my charge stays at his fathers for 2 nights that's why I end up oweing her hours (agreed to bank hours ages ago as she pretty much gave me no choice).
I'm hoping she will pay me for 23 hours but we will see tonight when she gets home.
If not, I will stay (can't leave unless I have something else to go to) but I will be leaving as soon as something else comes up.
She'll be screwed if I leave because I doubt she'll find anyone to work a Saturday, plus theirs not many of us around here that are OFSTED reg and she won't pay out of her own pocket.
She needs me just as much as I need this job.
Thanks for all you're help X

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