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TC13 Thu 10-Mar-16 18:22:52

We have our first au pair... She's been with us for 6 months she's 'ok' What I mean by that is that she seems to do everything half heartedly... So I had to break down the tasks into detail to ensure it gets done. Now things just about get done. In the morning I give her 45 mins to tidy up the kitchen for example I had to make it clear that if she finished early to do some ironing as she seemed to rush through the tasks so she could finish early...Now she just tidies really sloowly so she doesn't have to do ironing.

She's always 5mins late to start in the mornings I can live with that but she lacks initiative.., we do the same things every morning but she still needs direction.

My LO seems to get bored she doesn't bring any fun to anything...

What I want to know is au pairs are cheap childcare right? we pay ours 90 a week plus travel so is this as good as it gets in Au pair world and should I just suck it up-or can I hope that there is better out there..?!

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MrsFogi Thu 10-Mar-16 19:30:54

I expect my au pairs to be good and if they are not there are plenty that will be so I do not keep on mediocre au pairs (they get warning and if they don't improve they get notice). They are party of your family and life for a year so it has to work for both parties and your children. All my au pairs except one have been excellent (although you do need to be very, very clear about expectations and communicate if expectations are not being met). In your position I would be looking for a new au pair and giving notice tot he current one.

Anon2309 Thu 10-Mar-16 20:10:58

An au pair is not just cheap childcare!!! She's supposed to be treated like a member of the family not be considered as someone to do your chores!

MrsFogi Thu 10-Mar-16 20:30:54

An au pair in return for being treated as part of the family and getting pocket money, fed, a room etc is supposed to keep their side of the bargain in providing some childcare (probably some fun included here is not too much to ask) and some light household chores. It's a two way thing.

Karoleann Thu 10-Mar-16 21:06:39

Anon - but she is, that's the deal.
Board/lodgings/culturual exchange in return for childcare and chores! If she isn't doing the chore bit then she's not fulfilling her side of the AP contract.

OP - remove the time factor, if you take a certain time to do something, then give her that amount of time to do the job.

NewYearSameMe Wed 16-Mar-16 13:53:52

I'm on my fifth au pair and when I am recruiting I try to get the right personality for our family. All of our au pairs have had different strengths, and I try to work to their strength and do the stuff myself that they don't like or don't do well. But I wouldn't put up with someone who is reluctant all the time and won't do the basics. The most important thing to me is that they enjoy spending time with the DC and playing, so not doing that would be a deal-breaker for me.

Frisabelle Sun 24-Apr-16 17:05:44

Where did you all find your Aupairs? We've just decided to hire one as I've been offered a part time job, but are not sure where to start. Also we need someone to start by the beginning of June. Is that unrealistic?

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