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Would you recommend nannying?

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GeneralOrgana Sun 06-Mar-16 11:05:58

I'm thinking about a career change and wondering about becoming a nanny. I've worked with kids before but never as the main carer for hours at a time. Would you recommend your job? It seems qualifications aren't strictly required but are preferred by parents, do you have any/how long did it take you to get them? Yes or no to going through an agency? I've read online about nannies working 50-60 hour weeks, is that common, because that puts me off a bit. Is there anything you wish you'd known before you became a nanny?

Sorry for the wall of questions!

NannyC123 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:16:52

I love being a nanny because I couldn't imagine myself sat behind a desk doing a boring office job.
Some parents want you to have all the qualifications under the sun, but the parents I've worked for have preferred experience over qualifications. The only qualifications I've got are paediatric first aid, DBS check and I'm Ofsted registered. I found my current job through a small agency and the lady who ran it was extremely helpful and was on hand for the first couple of months if I needed any advice. If you can find a job through word of mouth then that's fab, otherwise agencies can be great. But you shouldn't have to pay to find a job, so if the agency is asking you for money, back away!
Nannies typically work 10-12 hour days. However you can find some that only need someone for maybe 8 hours a day. In my first job I only worked 40hrs a week as the mum worked from home so didn't have to commute which meant I didn't have to be in early or leave particularly late.

Being a nanny is great but I wish I'd known how lonely I'd be. I love spending time with the children and watching them grow and develop but I really miss adult company. In my previous job I lived for the baby classes and toddler groups so I could chat to other nannies/mums!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Being a nanny is jolly hard work but it's so rewarding smile

GeneralOrgana Mon 07-Mar-16 14:38:11

Thanks NannyC that's helpful, and a good point about not getting much time with other adults. Lots of pros and cons to weigh up.

StringyPotatoes Mon 07-Mar-16 15:45:12

I would definitely recommend nannying if you enjoy working with children.

Initially I wanted to work in a nursery but after doing a lot of daytime babysitting to gain experience I realised it was working one-on-one with children in the home that I liked best. So I became a nanny. And you I haven't looked back! I also have a large Peter Pan complex and enjoy being paid to play Lego and watch Disney films

PP was right in that unless you live in an area heavily populated by nannies ( I don't) it can be lonely so I've had to be really pro-active in making friends with the local mums.
If you live in a rural area you will also have to be really creative and have a big store of activities you can do with the DC. Unless I take him out for the whole day there are very few things I can "pop into" with a pre-schooler during the week.

But I adore my job and can't imagine doing anything else! Every day is so, so different in this job and the rewards I get in terms of hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s are immeasurable! It is an incredible privilege to be part of all these little lives! I've been with my current family for 2 and a half years now and it's a wonderful feeling to have become a part of the family!

In terms of qualifications, I was initially employed because I'm qualified with a degree and several years training but every subsequent job has been on personal recommendation and nothing to do with my qualifications. If you can get experience and some good references you should be okay! And First Aid and OFSTED registration are a real bonus too!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 07-Mar-16 17:42:19

I love my job - been a nanny 25yrs and past 6 of those a maternity nurse /night nanny

Yes I would recommend you get a qual as so many nannies about that if you Havnt had nannying exp then tbh many parents won't look at you without quals

You also need /should have first aid (paed) dbs - pli

Yes the hours are long as have parents normal working day plus their travel plus your travel then home - average day is 11hrs so are 10 day ones (rare£ and lots 12

So yes can be 55/60 5 days or look into part time 3:4 day jobs

It can be lonely if you don't know anyone or don't get out to M&T - music - soft play - parks etc

I prefer to work tho an agency tho the ones in my area won't accept anyone without quals /2yrs nanny exp / again as so many nannies that the agencies know you would be hard to placed iyswim

That's not to say all agencies are like that

Nannying and working with children is very rewarding tho when I started as a nanny at 18 after 2 years at college studying NNEB I didn't think I would still be nannying 25yrs later

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