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cm charge confusion

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DangerMouth Thu 03-Mar-16 21:14:07

Our previous CM cant mind dd2 [sob] so I'm speaking to other CM and one who seems nice and professional has said her hourly rate is £6.50 or full day 9-5 £55. Is this usual that the day rate works out more per hour than the hourly rate confused

She also said 8 was a very early start. This comment made me feel a little uneasy as 8 to me isn't early, just usual London drop off time.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Fri 04-Mar-16 05:39:24

Obv she can change what she likes but Normally full day is hrly rate x hrs or slightly less.

Also most childcare I know of is 7.30/8 start as people need to get to work

insancerre Fri 04-Mar-16 06:15:14

Warning bells would be ringing, as she seems to be giving the impression that she doesn't want to do full days, and certainly not at 8 am
I would be inclined to keep looking

Gracey79 Fri 04-Mar-16 06:18:00

I've never used a cm but did see an advert the other day which stated meals were extra with an hourly rate so maybe this is why?

DangerMouth Fri 04-Mar-16 06:49:13

Yes I'm inclined to agree that l don't think she'd like the 'early' start ongoing. I did know how is 9-5 full time for a working parent but my hours can be flexible a few days a week.

Gracey, that could actually be the reason. It just seemed strange to me when l worked it out.

DangerMouth Fri 04-Mar-16 06:50:18

That should say l don't know how 9-5 is full time!

OzzieFem Fri 04-Mar-16 11:51:31

CM 9-5 is 8 hours so is classified as a full day. Office workers usually get a lunch break which is not counted as hours worked, but the CM still is working during her lunch.

DangerMouth Fri 04-Mar-16 13:11:53

I have used a cm before Ozfem, I do get they don't get a break, but is 8 considered early?

Our last cm was wonderful and flexible and l think I'm going to struggle to find that. I don't want to feel like I'm putting the cm out be dropping off at that time.

Iggi999 Fri 04-Mar-16 13:14:30

There's not much point offering a service to working parents that is for exactly the same hours that they work.

Kilmeny Fri 04-Mar-16 13:14:52

£55! I'm a cm (not London) and don't know any of us that would charge that much. 8 wouldn't seem early to me, 7 is classed as early hours and I open properly at 7.30. Is she charging you more for arriving at 8?

Cuttheraisins Fri 04-Mar-16 13:17:11

I do 8 to 6. 10 hours work is a long enough day, considering the amount of paperwork, cleaning and preparation I need to do in the evenings and early in the morning.

Cuttheraisins Fri 04-Mar-16 13:17:35

Sorry I should have Sid I am a childminder!

HSMMaCM Fri 04-Mar-16 13:29:33

I do 8-6, but would get more work offering 7-7. Keep looking for a cm who can meet your needs. Nothing wrong with this one, she just likes to work shorter hours.

Maryann1975 Sun 06-Mar-16 23:12:06

I think a 9am start is quite late for working parents. All my families are with me before 8am to get to work by 8.30. I'd keep looking. She might say it's ok now, but a couple of months down the line decide it's not actually working for her and get you to change your hours. (I've seen other threads where this has happened).

Borntobeamum Fri 11-Mar-16 16:06:28

I'm a cm and try to be as flexible as I can.
One mum had to be at work for 7am and didn't drive, so had to drop her little boy at 5.50 to me to get a bus into town, and another to the village where she worked.
Nobody else would work before 7am.
She really appreciated me giving her the chance to get back to work and I was always welcoming, even at that time of day.

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