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Nanny drama

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SarahK05 Sat 27-Feb-16 16:13:07

Hi there, this thread is more of a rant rather than seeking advice but please feel free to comment if you have any.
Have been with my nanny family for around 9 months now and I very much enjoy it, love both the kids and get on well with MB most of the time.
MB has been in her new job for around 5 months and luckily has set days (great for me!).
I currently work Mon, Tues, Thurs and every Saturday over a part time basis which isn't ideal as I would prefer to work less days on these hours but not much I can really do about that.
Since last year MB's work have been saying come April this year her working days will change to every other Saturday rather than every Saturday (we've both been excited about this for a while now as we both haven't had a whole weekend off in months).
We've both come to realise now that her work place aren't very good with communicating and tend to fib quite a lot.
As April is coming up, MB spoke with her boss and mentioned the change of days and asked when would it begin, They've now come back to her and said that because their giving her every other Saturday off could she work the Friday instead to make up for it.
I don't think she's very happy with this (quite rightly as well) as that wasn't what they discussed and agreed to initially.

The hours will be as follows:

week 1 - Mon, Tues, Thurs and fri.
week 2 - Mon, Tues, Thurs and sat and so on and so on...

I'm trying to be as supportive as possible as I know it isn't MB's fault, they simply didn't communicate with her enough, but I do have commitments of my own and I babysit/nanny for a lot of other families on an adhoc basis.
I've just started working for a lady on an adhoc basis on the days that I'm off ie Weds, fri, Saturday evening and sun.
As much as I love my MB and get on really well with her she's not so good at communicating herself and will usually leave things until last minute, like for example I know she will wait until the end of March to discuss what happens with the change of hours and then will tell me and give me around 1 weeks notice.
I also feel like she agrees to certain things in her work without actually checking that I'm available to have the kids (this bugs me as like I said I have other commitments on my days off so if she changes them it just causes chaos for myself and other families).
I'm already struggling to get other work because I can only offer, Wed, fri, sat evening and Sunday so the days aren't great, I was lucky enough to pick up this other job that I've just started and I know for a fact if I tell the lady that one week I can offer Fri and the next sat I know she won't be happy.
I can understand as well as that would just be annoying, I would just rather set days not different days each week.
Like I said I absolutely adore the kids and most the time get on well with MB but we've had problems like this before where she's agreed to certain things with her work without checking with me first that I'm actually available to provide child care and then gets upset if I can't do it, I also feel like she bullies me sometimes because she won't try to compromise, she will just simply say that she'll cut my hours and put the kids in nursery which doesn't really give me much of a choice but to do it.
I understand I'm contracted to work for her 4 days a week which right now are Mon, tues, weds and sat (which I'm always available for) but she can't really be miffed at me if she arranges to work on another day and I'm not available as those are my days off, right?
I understand I should put her first over other families as she's the only one I'm contracted to and all the others are adhoc but I feel so guilty letting these people down because she isn't organised enough.

I have a few questions if someone wouldn't mind answering please -

The lady I work for an adhoc basis will be giving me her rota for April tommorow, I will obviously agree to the rota as I'm available (she only has me on my days off).
If MB informs at the end of March that the hours will be changing at the start of April, is that really my problem? Since she's leaving it until last minute to inform me there's not much I can really do right?

2- Am I being unreasonable in what I'm saying, should she be my first priority because she gives me contracted hours and the other families don't?

I'm just so stuck, like I said I feel like she bullies me some times when it comes to these things, it's either don't do the hours and lose money or do the hours but let other families down and get a bad reputation, I just can't win!
I feel like she thinks I should be at her beck and call 24/7.
Like I said I love the family, it's nothing personal against MB, I just wish she could be better organised and maybe take me into consideration.

Sorry for rambling on, just had to get it of my chest and speak to people who go through these types of struggles!
By the way, leaving the job Isn't an option as I live in the country and I don't drive.


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JellyMouldJnr Sat 27-Feb-16 16:20:53

of course thats not your problem, she is effectively asking you to keep 5 days available for 4 days pay. I'd tell her she can either pay a retainer for fridays to take account of that, or that you can't work fridays.

nannynick Sat 27-Feb-16 16:22:37

Whilst you are contracted to work 4 days a week, are those any days with no notice? It would be perfectly reasonable to expect advance notice of the working days. You have identified that communication is an issue, so can you improve that in some way, such as trying to get them to agree to a work schedule a month in advance?

Does she realise that you work on other days so you are not at her beck and call 24/7?

Littlef00t Sat 27-Feb-16 16:24:12

I agree that she needs to find someone else to cover every other Friday.

StringyPotatoes Sat 27-Feb-16 19:27:02

Can you sit her down and explain that you want to finalise some plans with your other family but want to prioritise her so could you please chat about the changes that are likely to happen in April?

You said she's not great at communicating but if you don't make an effort to have the conversation either then it will just fester and annoy you.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 28-Feb-16 00:09:58

If she wants you to be flexible and work a 5 days over two weeks then she needs to pay you the extra day

You are missing out on money by not being able to take on a full time Friday job or even a Saturday job

Thing if you know the rota will change so you need to pin Mb down

I think you've been very accommodating to work every sat - I wouldn't do that

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