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Can I employ my mum as a nanny

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yummymummy1880 Fri 26-Feb-16 18:15:36

I have NC for this.
I employ a nanny. Nanny just handed in her notice (she's going back to her country). We're really sad as both us and the children absolutely love her but that's just one of those things and she's moving on and we're happy for her.
My mum who is in her 50s now was made redundant two weeks ago. She has to work the notice period. I was thinking of offering the position to my mum but wanted to make sure there's nothing dodgy with this arrangement. I was thinking of just employing her like I did with my nanny and pay tax and NI. I do not need her to be registered with ofsted as we do not qualify for any help with childcare cost. It is however important to me that those years of employment count towards her retirement. Any thoughts?

nannynick Fri 26-Feb-16 18:41:05

Yes perfectly fine. The issue is with using government support to help pay but as you will not be using childcare vouchers, tax credits, tax free childcare, or anything that needs voluntary registration that won't cause a problem.
She will be entitled to a work pension as per your current staging date. Tax and ni arrangements remain the same.

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