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can i ask nannys and employers what a typical day for a nanny and two kids looks like?

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oneoneeight Fri 26-Feb-16 17:02:52

can i ask as a nanny what a typical day’s would be for you looking after two children, a two year old and a one year old?
or as an employer what you would expect your nannys day to look like?smile

can i also ask what your typical meals are that you cook for the children?


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Callaird Fri 26-Feb-16 18:21:20

I currently only have one charge of 2 1/2 but I have had lots of twins, a few families with siblings and also a nanny share with 5 & 3 months at the beginning and then 23, 21, 7 and 4 months when siblings came along.

My typical day is the same for most jobs! Depending on my hours, I currently do 8-6:30 but have done 7-7 in quite a few jobs so I'll do a typical 12 hour day!

7am - get them up and give them milk, if they still want/need it.
8am - breakfast.
8:30 - wash and dressed.
8:45 - morning nap if needed or children play while I do duties.
10am - leave for classes (Mon-music, Tues-gym, Wed-football, Thurs-swimming (don't often work Friday's but if I did I'd keep one day as a free day to run errands, pop into town for new clothes or have feet measured or to meet up with friends))
12:15/30 - lunch
1pm - nap
3pm - up from nap and snack or milk if still needed. Then out to the park, meet up with friends or play at home, crafts, baking, a spot of teaching through play.
5pm - tea
6pm - bath
6:30 - bottle book and bed by 7.

My charge eats his main meal at lunch time, it's more difficult to digest protein so try to avoid too much protein at tea time until 2 ish. He has fish pie, shepherds pie, spag bol/lasagne, chilli and rice, butter/coronation/curried chicken and rice, sausage with mash or pasta and veg/tomato sauce, pork/beef/sausage meatballs with tomato and veg sauce and pasta rice or mash, he loves stir fry so whatever we have in.

For tea he has beans on toast, scrambled egg on toast, cheese on toast, eggy bread, pasta and sauce (cheese/pesto/tomato) jacket potato, sweet corn fritters with veg or salad (well carrots, cucumber and tomatoes) cauliflower and broccoli cheese, egg fried rice, rice/cous cous/bulgar wheat/quinoa salad, sausage and beans, fish fingers, chicken goujons, loads of other things but can't think!!

Callaird Fri 26-Feb-16 18:25:07

Oh, while they nap I will do nursery duties, washing, ironing, batch cooking, prepping for crafts or baking, tidy up after lunch prep tea, I also strip the children's beds in a Monday and damp dust their room/s on Monday and Friday. I also do food planning for my employers and do the Ocado shop to come on Monday nap time. I also run errands for my bosses if we are passing the dry cleaners/cobblers/post office/garage!!

seriouslywhat Fri 26-Feb-16 18:32:06

Sounds v similar to our nanny's days - we had two (age 2 and 4) up until Dec when number 3 came along and now I am on maternity leave. So we have slight ratio overkill some days but I really want to keep her on for when I go back to work!

seriouslywhat Fri 26-Feb-16 18:33:37

We also have nursery runs 3 mornings to factor in to that which she did before I was on maternity, but which I do now.

nbee84 Fri 26-Feb-16 21:52:59

My current 3 are 8months, 3 years and 6 years;

yesterday went as follows;

8am arrive, children have had breakfast and I finish getting 6yo ready for school transport pick up at 8.20 - so teeth, hair, shoes, coat and bag. 8mo gets carted around to wherever we are and 3 yo amuses himself in playroom/bedroom.

8.20 - 9.20 clearing up carnage left by Dad having had kids by himself from 6.30am grin clearing breakfast table, putting pyjamas in wash, nappies in bin, toys back to relevant boxes and books back on the bookshelf. Put a wash load in the machine. Getting baby and 3 yo dressed. Took an hour as I was playing with/amusing baby and encouraging 3yo to help. Never this bad with Mum in charge, but I wouldn't mind anyway as I realise things can be chaotic trying to organise themselves for work and sort 3 children out.

9.20 - baby down for 30 min nap. Took 10 mins out to sit down with 3 yo and read some stories. Then prepping snacks and bag ready to leave for toddler group at 10am. Took wash load out of machine and put into tumble dryer.

10am - 12pm - toddler group.

12pm lunch - baby; salmon, carrot and tomato + yogurt. 3 yo; tuna pasta + yogurt (both batch cooked and frozen previously) kids play at my feet whilst I clear/wash up.

1pm - baby down for nap. 3yo has stories and is the left to nap for 1hour (sometimes sleeps, sometimes just chats/sings to himself) While they are in bed I empty tumble dryer and iron the few bits that need it. I then grab myself a bit of lunch and a 20min sit down if I'm lucky.

2pm - put washing away and then get 3yo up and we have a bit of 1-1 time doing whatever he wants - stories, lego, playdough etc.

2.30 - get baby up and struggle to get bottle into him! (not a milk lover) downstairs for drink/snack for 3yo.

3.15 - coats and shoes and baby in buggy to get organised for walk round the estate (hunting for pirates yesterday smile) Had a lovely walk, looking at different trees, seeing who could hop, skip and jump fastest etc Didn't find any pirates!

4.15 - back home and played with various toys. Encouraging baby to crawl to reach for things.

4.45 - tea. Baby; cauli cheese and mini homemade burger + banana. 3yo; lasagne + banana and blueberries. (Again, both batch cooked - I do a batch cook once or twice a week to freeze, all meals the kids eat are homemade) Clear up from tea with baby in jumperroo and 3yo gets his 15mins on the ipad that has some games on - colour matching, picture sequencing etc

5.30 - tidy up time of toys and general bit and bobs. Then sit down for some stories with both before going upstairs to get ready for bath.

6.00 - upstairs closing curtains, getting out pj's and nappies and running bath ready for when 6yo gets home with Mum at 6.15 (6yo goes to after school club a couple of days a week) Help Mum bath the 3 and the I get to head home!

Busy day, very little down time but I love it and have lots of fun with the kids. Sometimes when the sun is shining and I'm in the park or I'm at home playing games on a wet day, I smile to myself and think "I'm being paid to do this" grin

ElleGrace Sat 27-Feb-16 11:19:47

Everyone's account so far is very similar to my own:
8am- I arrive and two children, 22 months and 10 months, wake up. Change nappies, but dressing gowns on and bring them downstairs. They watch TV/ play whilst I prepare breakfast, usually with the help of 22 month old grin
9am-I clean up after breakfast, take children upstairs and dress them, brush hair, teeth etc.
9:30am- Go out to the park, music class, etc. Depending on what we're doing that way
12-1pm- Get back to the house, girls have lunch (I prepare whilst they play at the table colouring etc)
1:30pm- Both go down for a nap. They are both stars and fall asleep instantly. I wash dishes, wipe down kitchen counter, tidy away toys, put a wash on (only if Mum isn't around as she won't let me do anything!).
3:30pm- 10month old wakes up, we have cuddles on the sofa and watch a film until 22 month old wakes up
4:30pm- 22 month old wakes, we have snacks and drinks together whilst movie finishes and then do an activity together before tea e.g painting, playdough, music session, something creative.
5:30pm- Mum comes home, says hello to children, asks how the day has been (we usually end up sitting and talking for about an hourbrewcake
6:30pm- make tea whilst mum spends time with kids, usually something hot and home-made e.g fish pie, lasagne, etc.
7:00pm- eat dinner, mum goes upstairs and puts 10month old down.
7:30pm- bath 22 month old, put pjs on, brush teeth, read story
8:00pm- mum comes and puts 22 month old to bed whilst I clean up after dinner.
I usually get off about 8.15-

minipie Mon 29-Feb-16 20:17:10

I'm the employer but typical 8am-7pm day for our 3 and 1yo goes like this:

8am nanny arrives. DCs are dressed and mid breakfast.
Nanny takes over breakfast, gets DCs into coats/buggy and does nursery school run for DC1. DC2 naps on way back from nursery or on way to morning activity.
9-11.30 nanny takes DC2 to playgroup/activity and does a bit of tidying/cooking/laundry at home (how much depends on what's on that morning/mood of baby!)
11.30-12.30 nursery school pick up
12.30 lunch for both DC
after lunch DC nap/have quiet time till c3pm, nanny does batch cooking and plays/read stories at home
3pm-5.30 playdate or out again, or sometimes an activity at home
5.30 tea then bathtime, get DC into PJs
parents hme at 7 to finish bedtime.

Meals: Various pasta sauces eg spag bol, tuna, cheese & veg, tomato & veg. Fish cakes, chicken balls, veggy burgers. Cottage pie, fish pie. Casseroles. Lasagne. Basically anything that freezes well! Also DD1 likes meat & 2 veg meals so we have raw sliced lamb/beef/chicken/fish in the freezer which can then be defrosted and served with carrots/beans etc (usually cook a few meals worth of veg together). Batches of roasted veg for the 1yo as she loves them. Fish fingers.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Mon 29-Feb-16 21:00:27

I am a nanny that works 12 hour days [6.30-6.30] I look after a weaning baby and a toddler

This was my day today
6.30 Arrive - make a cup of tea and wake up! Make a start on the weeks meals - today I made cauliflower cheese, chicken casserole, vegetable soup, and a chicken in a tomato sauce, unload and reload the dishwasher. I blitz half of each dish to freeze for the babies meals
7.30 Wake the children - downstairs for breakfast
8 Back upstairs to get dressed and brush teeth, kids potter in their room while I sort out dirty washing.
8.30 Downstairs for babies milk - I load the washing machine - fold the dry washing while toddler potters
9.30 Walk to town to run errands - we pick up groceries, measure feet and grab a coffee
11 Pop into a friends for a cup of tea - end up staying for lunch;
1 Kids into pushchair and head home - bump into my boss and we walk home and have a chat with the kids
1.30 Kids into bed for a nap
1.45 Have a cup of tea and sit down to read my book
2.15 Clear up downstairs - toys into toy boxes, wipe down the kitchen, hang washing up
3 Wake kids up - feed the baby a bottle
3.30 Walk to the local playground - have a play
4 Walk home alongside the river - toddler pushes pram
4.45 Dinner time - microwave chicken hotpot for both kids
5.15 Kids down from the table to play, I tidy up, wipe down sides, wash bottles etc
6 Head upstairs - Boss comes home and we do playing / bathtime.
6.30 Go home

This was a quiet day - generally we do a group/class in the morning then afternoon playdate

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