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Nanny Agency - what to expect

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venys Thu 25-Feb-16 07:01:42

Hi there. This is my first time using a nanny agency. I have had loads of dealings with other types of employment agency. Just wondering what kind of service I should expect for my money? Agent has introduced nanny to me. She says she has done references (although I have checked first aid and DRB and the candidate's last employer was summer last year and in the USA) . I had to tell her about changes to checking driving license but I have a feeling I am going to have to arrange myself. Plus she only sent me a sample contract with no attempt to fill it out and modify it to my needs. So I am doing a fair amount of work for my £450. She runs 2 businesses from home and has 2 young children as well as adult children so not sure she has much time to spend on the details. Am I expecting too much from her?

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Cindy34 Thu 25-Feb-16 07:23:33

Agencies vary. You pay them to find you candidates, ideally a couple, the best of the best, so you don't waste time interviewing unsuitable people. They should carry out the main reference checking and eligibility to work, qualifications checks. If you specify you want a driver, then they should check the nanny has a driving license but may not go in to exactly what vehicles they can drive. What new driving license check?

Contracts may not be their specialist thing, that would be more from a payroll company who employs a specialist lawyer who can draw you up a custom contract. NannyPaye do that, think some of the other payroll companies might or they may only provide a basic template. Check with your chosen payroll provider as to what services they offer and how must customisation of a contract is possible - it needs to be legally enforceable so will be comprised out of various legal phases.

£450 sounds quite cheap, some charge thousands! Their terms of business should say what services they provide for the money. The matching service is the main thing and doing the background checks. You should be getting a few suitable candidates, not having to interview lots, so by the sound of it they have done that part alright.

They should also offer general advice about being an employer of a nanny, what you need to do to have a good working relationship, answer questions about expected duties, typical salaries in the area.

What were you expecting them to do, have they met your expectations or only partially met them? Could you negotiate the fee if they did not meet something you expected and which they claimed to offer?

venys Thu 25-Feb-16 08:53:21

I think this is where the other types of agency differ in the fact they run their own (or subcontract) payroll service. She referred me to one which is where I also had to search for what are standard terms on the contract eg holiday pay, sick pay etc. I had no intention of using one of these services as we already have an accountant with this service and we have used them in the past as I have hired help temporarily myself.

Looking on the agency website there is no indication of what you get for your fee. The price just reflects that it is a part time temporary position and possibly that the agent is a one man band. The new DVLA check is that the paper counterpart is no longer valid since June 2015 and you need to check online now. But it requires both the candidate to agree to the check and you to conduct it within a set time frame.

Yes the agent has provided me with a candidate and her communication has been very prompt. I just think I expected a bit more guidance on background checks and help on the contract than me having to do a fair amount of research and admin myself.

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Cindy34 Thu 25-Feb-16 13:48:59

Thanks for the driving license info.

If they offer to produce a contract then that should be of suitable quality, if it is not then could you get a refund on part of the fee and then source a contract elsewhere?

venys Thu 25-Feb-16 23:36:58

Strangely enough - I am going through the template she provided. It is word for word one I downloaded myself from the internet for free a couple of years ago. Not going to worry about negotiating down the fee - but it's possibly a bit cheeky?

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venys Fri 26-Feb-16 07:15:15

Oops my bad. I copied the wrong sample contract. Ignore my above message.

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Piratespoo Fri 26-Feb-16 15:06:46

Most agency's charge thousands, so it seems you are getting a very good deal. Most agencies don't run their own payroll. You are the employer, not the agency.

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