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Norland Nanny Recommendations

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babydusteverywhere Tue 23-Feb-16 13:56:25

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you could give me advice about how to find a Norland Nanny or if you would be able to recommend any Norland Nannies you've had experience with in the past?

I am currently in the early stages of my first pregnancy, but wanted to plan in advance as I know I will definitely need the help and support of a nanny, but more specifically a maternity nurse/nanny.

We wanted to try and avoid finding a Norland Nanny via the Norland Agency directly as the agency fees are quite steep and wanted to minimise agency costs. Do you know any independent Norland Nannies who will be vacant in late October 2016?

Your help and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much smile

SquirmOfEels Tue 23-Feb-16 14:06:38

If you are unwilling to use an agency, then your best bet would be an ad in The Lady.

ChelseaNannyTree Tue 23-Feb-16 17:49:44

I wouldn't use a new Norland Nanny - they have little experience to begin with but a hell of a lot of theory behind them... not what I would be looking for for my little ones!

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 23-Feb-16 20:50:29

why do you want a norland so much? its like a brand of beans, like heinz iyswim

many nannies including myself are nneb which means old school so experienced and also im mnt trained so a maternity nurse

StringyPotatoes Tue 23-Feb-16 22:21:30

What makes you think they have little experience. To my knowledge they have to have a lot of experience to even get into the course and half of their time at the college is spent on placement at a nursery or with a family.

But if that isn't enough then you could always hire a Norlander who has more experience?

As for how to find one:
Where are you, OP? Lots of London agencies will have Norlanders on their books but it would also be worth exploring the normal nanny recruitment routes but simply state that you're looking for a Norlander specifically. You would obviously have to verify their training by contacting Norland or asking to see their training certificate.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Thu 25-Feb-16 09:45:33

I had a fantastic experience with a Norland nanny. She took sole charge of my DC at 5 months old straight out of college. I would say that she had exactly the right amount of practical experience and she had been trained in everything from driving in bad weather, to making up bottles safely and weaning. Above all her love of children and her commitment to nannying shone through. We are still in touch many years later.

However, as with anything, you get good and bad apples and my second Norland nanny was a complete disaster and I fired her in less than a week.

If you are really set on getting a Norlander then you will probably have to go through an agency. As well as Norland, Eden and Imperial tend to have Norland nannies on their books. This is because - rightly or wrongly - Norland nannies are in high demand by wealthy overseas families who will pay amazing salaries (£800+ per week) and so most of them are signed up to agencies.

Be aware that Norland nannies tend to have the pick of the best paid jobs so you will have to pay well. They also generally prefer central London jobs (zones 1 or 2) and will expect decent en suite accommodation if living in.

Incidentally our current nanny who I found on trained at her local 6th form college and she is equally as good with the kids and we all just adore her.

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