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Driving Penalties

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venys Mon 22-Feb-16 14:28:51

Hi there, I hire nannies/domestic help on a temporary basis. Just got landed with a £500 bill for my nanny last summer getting lost and driving in a pedestrian zone thing and us not getting notices as I had forgotten to change the cars address at DVLA. So I can't really charge her now for it. Also have had to pay £150 in the past for my Homestart volunteer scratching my neighbours BMW with our car door - as she was a volunteer, couldn't really ask her for money. Today I am just about to sign on a part time mothers help for a few months - just wondering if there is any clause I should be putting in the contract to be able to recoup any penalties? As they are temporary there is a chance, like the incident above, that we can't take it out of her wages - nor can we enforce her to pay the money back. Thoughts anyone or is this just the risk of hiring domestic help?

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writingonthewall Mon 22-Feb-16 17:28:21

Would imagine you can put in contract, I've had to sign some thing similar every time I borrow a courtesy car from the garage. Your payroll company should be able to help you draft it.

venys Tue 23-Feb-16 14:52:30

I think what I am wondering is if the car is in your name, nor will the CCTV show the driver and the final wages have been paid out. So hardly enforceable, and then we get stung for the fine.

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