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nanny pay

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studentvera Sun 14-Feb-16 04:52:43

I pay my nanny £9 an hour

She's coming on holiday abroad with us. Is there a suitable set rate or do I have to pay £9 hourly throughout hol?
Thank you

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FishWithABicycle Sun 14-Feb-16 05:43:08

£9ph hourly rate should apply to all hours that she is in sole charge of children OR not at liberty to do her own thing/go off exploring/whatever (so if a parent is there but you have asked her to be there too to help then she gets paid). This includes the flight time and any overnights if she is being a responsible adult during them.

Hours where she is totally at liberty to go elsewhere and be on holiday herself, so long as they are in a decent chunk that she could actually use them, don't need to be paid at full whack but it would be appropriate to pay a small hourly rate retainer of £3-5 ph for these hours.

This means you should be very clear with expectations and ensure that any time she spend hanging out with you is very clearly and explicitly defined so you both know whether she is on duty or not at any time, and record it fairly.

Cindy34 Sun 14-Feb-16 07:43:20

You could come to an agreement that you will pay the same weekly amount as you would usually but that their hours of work would be less as part of the pay is for inconvenience of being out of country.

It may be a holiday for you but it won't be a holiday for your nanny. They may not be working as many hours as they would normally, or they may be working a lot more. It really depends on what you planning to do, how much time nanny is responsible for your children, how much free time they get. Travel days may or may not be usual work days and nanny may or may not be responsible for a child. They are not able to do as they like, so it is an inconvenience for them. Try to factor in that the trip is hassle for your nanny, it is not a holiday for them. Come up with something you can both agree, such as them helping you each day for a certain number of hours in exchange for their usual salary.

Forresitters Sun 14-Feb-16 10:00:09

You need to pay the same hourly rate/weekly rates or higher as it is more of an inconvenience than a holiday for your nanny. You need to make sure you both agree on the working hours and make sure your nanny has enough time off each day to herself also.

Callaird Sun 14-Feb-16 19:16:19

I get paid my normal weekly wage with a £30 per day 'antisocial stipend' as I am away from home (although live in) and can't go out in the evening to see friends or family.

We have just got back from a 10 day skiing holiday, I worked 9am until 2pm (except for 3 days where I worked until 4 or 5 but was arranged before we left) and then babysat once my charge was in bed 6 out of 10 nights.

If my boss said to me, 'come on holiday with us, work half your hours or less and we will pay you for the hours you work', I'd say, 'thanks but no thanks, I'll have it as holiday (and as they chose to go away, it would come out of their entitlement) and get my full pay thanks!'

Also bare in mind that you have to pay for travelling days too if they fall on a non-working day, even if they are not technically working, just travelling. It means that they cannot do anything else during that time so effectively working so you may as well give her things to do!

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