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When to start looking for a childminder?

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Heirhelp Thu 11-Feb-16 19:28:37

I am currently six months pregnant and somebody has said I need to start looking for a nursery now. I would much rather have a child minder, but would need to find the right one. When do I need to start looking? I am planning to go back to work Easter 2016 but obviously want to do settling in sessions first.

Maryann1975 Thu 11-Feb-16 20:49:58

Do you mean you are going back to work easter 2017? I have a space now and wouldn't hold it for that length of time if I was offered something else in the mean time, but you might find someone who is happy to do this. Childminders might think they are full now, but have a vacancy come up, childcare arrangements change, parents lose jobs, change hours, move house, have maternity leave etc, so it's hard to predict vacancies so far in advance unless it's for September when you know which children will be starting school/nursery (I know I will have a full time vacancy in September 2017 when one of my little ones starts school).
I would maybe start phoning round in the autumn to see what current vacancies are, and see what they say.

Heirhelp Fri 12-Feb-16 06:23:19

Easter 2017. thank you.

I thought it would be too early to for a childminder. I am slightly concerned that if I don't find a childminder I like I I'll struggle to get a nursery place.

HSMMaCM Fri 12-Feb-16 07:24:51

I would put you on my waiting list, but would also say I am more likely to have a space in September when the older shoulders go to school.

I have filled my spaces for September 16 with people who have paid deposits and signed contracts already.

writingonthewall Fri 12-Feb-16 11:01:47

Round here you put your name down for nurseries straight after the 13 week scan....

Ternet Mon 15-Feb-16 12:23:33

The sooner the better. Arrange a few home visits even before your child is born, A good Registered Childminder will welcome you warmly. Once your child is born, invite the Registered Childminder to you to assist in feeding now and again. If your breastfeeding, a cuddle afterwards. This can be the settling in period. This is the type of thing I organise for new Mums.

Cuttheraisins Sat 20-Feb-16 17:57:59

You could visit a couple of nurseries, put your name down and pay the deposit (it will be non refundable) as a back up? As a childminder, I can't book that far ahead. I have had some visits and enqueries (and successful contracts) from when the mum was pregnant but I can't guarantee a place that far ahead. In our business it's usually one months notice if a family wants to leave but usually it's more obvious - as in, a child will start school and a place will become available.

icklekid Sat 20-Feb-16 18:03:48

My experience with childminders is they will know a term in advance if they have vacancies. Have a chat with a few so you have options but wait until nearer the time. I had no clue what ds would be like before he was born and therefore how I would parent/want a childminder to look after my baby!

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