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Au pair next year - mix of secondary and primary age charges

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OVienna Wed 10-Feb-16 11:51:06

Hi all
For those of you who have au pairs how did you find it worked once one of your DCs reached secondary school age? I think as long as I have one child in primary we will realistically need to have one. Relying on after school/before school clubs only not an option.

We usually go down the bright, school leaver looking for a GAP year prior to university route but I have really noticed that the age gap between my older DC and the au pair this year is already too narrow. It could be the au pair in question but I am already minded to hire someone older next year.

For those who have been through this, did the au pair mostly focus on the younger DCs? I'd be grateful to hear from people how it worked.


chloeb2002 Sun 14-Feb-16 13:54:27

Eldest dd is 13 this year. I have decided for now that from the end of the year.. Dd will be nearly 14.. We will be ap free. Mostly as the gap is too small. I can work nights when dh is home so at most dd is home for and hour on a morning and an hour on an evening with other dc. Also we have great neighbours who will help. I've found the relationship between dd and ap to be a bit uncomfortable for my liking. Big sister maybe but with different morals etc to us. So no it's not working well!

OVienna Sun 14-Feb-16 15:46:00

Thanks Chloe. My oldest dc is younger than that plus I have a seven year old. No end in sight. But I agree that we have to hire someone who is a bit older and most def doesn't see herself as a big sister.

Karoleann Sun 14-Feb-16 19:39:47

I'm recruiting for September at the moment and there actually seem to be more 22 year olds than 18 year olds on au pair world at the moment. I don't think you'll have any bother getting someone a little older.

My eldest is 10, but looks about 13, my youngest is almost 5. I'm concentrating on the au pairs that put 5-15 say in their age range, rather than 0-10.

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