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advice please - live in to live out or something else?

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willnotfoldtoday Wed 10-Feb-16 07:43:29

I would be grateful if you guys can have a look at this job and suggest what the reasonable course of action is!
We have 3 kids, all school aged – 12, 10 and 4. So they are in school between 9-3.30/4pm give or take. We’ve had a live-in nanny for the last 3 years and pay £465 per week gross (£350 net). Between 9-3pm, I’m relaxed with what she can do with her time – as long as duties are done at some point in the week – children’s washing, tidying up of rooms and playroom, we come home to a clean kitchen, kids have healthy cooked meals. Sometimes she does a food shop (she has the family credit card), picks up uniform, takes them to doctors/dentists, sometimes stays home to take the delivery and helps us with runs to dry cleaners etc. We have a weekly cleaner but she does leave the house tidy for us. Clearly, we need her more during school holidays. The job is a very early start = 6.45 am as DH and I both work in London. Finish is around the same 6.45pm. So a long day, but with no kids for the core hours. We live in the Southeast. Her living area is separate from the main house so she has her privacy. Hopefully, that paints a picture?
She is now thinking of moving out and she did mention that maybe I don’t need a FT nanny as such. We are keen to keep her on as the task of trying to find an early morning/after school nanny + holidays is a bit daunting. What is a reasonable uplift? Would you do these hours for £450 net per week - i.e. £632 gross per week (nannytax calculator)? Am I being silly not trying to look for another live-in nanny or a different arrangement? (if the latter, what?? – the youngest is only 4 so I don’t really want an au pair). I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible but thought I would get soundings (to see if I should pull my finger out). We can afford to pay the uplift (don't want to offer much more), so whilst a consideration, not the main point. I’m just wondering if this is her saying her heart isn’t in it anymore and wants younger kids to look after. I know for some nannies, they don't really want our arrangement sad
Thank you.

RicStar Wed 10-Feb-16 08:28:30

If you are happy with the live in set up I woulf advertise for that first. Older children might not appeal to all nannys but will to some. You could aslo advertise at same time for before / after / holiday nanny but I think the hours will be tricky unless you can do something different (breakfast club?) in the morning. See who turns up for each role iyswim.

RicStar Wed 10-Feb-16 08:39:49

Oh and yes I think this is your nanny saying she wants a different sort of role although of course you can offer her live out position.

willnotfoldtoday Wed 10-Feb-16 08:47:42

Thanks for that. I think your're right RicStar. I know she won't want to let us down but i don't want her to stay just because of that....

Borninthe60s Wed 10-Feb-16 08:52:43

Definitely an uplift but I'd have a good chat and see if the reason she wants to live out is because she's wanting a new role/challenge. If that's the case I'd readvertise

Artandco Wed 10-Feb-16 09:42:44

I would look for another live in nanny. It's going to be hard to find someone otherwise to start at 6.45am and be available part time during school and full time in holidays

Artandco Wed 10-Feb-16 09:44:37

Oh or otherwise offer the wage increase to current nanny if she wants to live out

crougar Wed 10-Feb-16 10:54:23

I start work at 6.30am as a live-out and the children are at school all day. Works fine for me and they had a lot of people apply for the job. If that's what you wanted you would find someone.

willnotfoldtoday Wed 10-Feb-16 12:37:45

thank you for all the advice everyone. Ideally, i want her to stay but only if she wants to! will try to get an open / honest chat .

jclm Thu 11-Feb-16 10:39:07

Your nanny could just be asking in an indirect way whether you intend to keep her or whether she is at risk of redundancy. She could simply need some reassurance that her job is safe for a few more years.

selly24 Thu 11-Feb-16 21:25:16

Definitely have a good chat with your current nanny and find out her motivation for moving to live out and if she wants fewer hours? From your post it sounds like she is suggesting a move to part time? Or maybe even 'letting you down gently' with the "maybe you don't need a f/t nanny anymore " comment....?

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