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Looking into being a childminder!

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twinmum84 Mon 08-Feb-16 19:51:10

Hello ladies, just looking for a bit of reassurance I guess? I am very nearly due my third little person in our lives, having 5 year old twins already and starting to realise I shall be going back to work for very little money at the end of maternity once I pay for childcare of my own! I have slowly started the ball rolling looking into being a CM but was wondering if anyone had recently qualified? How long this took? From what I gather courses I need to do are Cache 3, pediatric F/A, Basic food hygiene and safe guarding? The other worry I have is that there will be lack of work. I have 26 CM in a 3 mile radius and need to look into doing some mystery shopping (Although I'd rather just be honest with them!) To see how full people are and what they charge in our area etc. I am hoping ofstead will allow me to look after at least 3 (But I guess that would included my own LO who would be around 11 months at the time - I assume my twins wouldn't be included as they would be at school?) we live in a 4 bed house and a good sized garden, no pets (oh apart from a bearded dragon) I plan to use entire downstairs and one bedroom as an additional playroom. Any advice or experience would be hugely appreciated. X

HSMMaCM Mon 08-Feb-16 20:27:21

26 in a 3 mile radius is a lot, even if you're in a highly populated area. Are there nurseries and pre schools as well? Take your LO around some toddler groups and you're bounds to bump into some CMs there. You can ask them how much work is around.

I'm not sure how long registration takes these days, as I registered years ago. The dbs checks can be very quick or take months on their own.

Good luck. You should be allowed 2 more little ones. Are you able to walk the school run, or do you have a large car?

Bonkerz Mon 08-Feb-16 20:45:41

Currently registration can take between 6-10 months due to the courses needed first. Start as soon as then do the Dbs then it's onto the EYC form and ey2 for husband then the health declaration.
First aid and safeguarding can be done whilst waiting for pre reg visit

You are only allowed 3 under 4 I'm afraid so with your youngest you will only be allowed 2 more eyfs.

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