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Any advice on getting my baby childminder ready

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hydrangea78 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:58:00

7 month old, breast fed, bottle refuser, won't nap unless in pram or carrier, cries as soon as I leave the room.
Weaning well, but still has 1-2 breast feeds in the day. Uses nipple as comforter. Dummy refuser.
Has been looked after solely by me since birth. We're both equally attached to each other! Am no good at any kind of training that involves crying.

Must go back to work unfortunately. Found a lovely childminder. Starting settling in soon, building up to 4 long days a week.

I am at a total loss as to how to make this transition possible. Am worried about how she will nap, how will she take any milk/formula, how will she be comforted, how to avoid the tears when I'm not there.
Am so keen to make this work but seem to have a boob addicted impossibly clingy baby sad
Any tips? Thank you.

WeetabixExpress Sun 07-Feb-16 21:40:59

Talk to your childminder how she will work with your baby and you to overcome the transition, she will have done it before. Im a childminder and have a baby with me just like yours. He has settled well and we get along great. No tears. And I still text mum pics several times a dayto reassure that baby is fine and happy. Dont worry it will be fine!! Xxxx

HSMMaCM Mon 08-Feb-16 08:57:42

As Weetabix says, it will be fine. Talk to your CM about all your concerns. Maybe forget bottles completely and try a sippy cup instead.

Your baby may still be the same with you at home, but will learn to adapt to the CM in her setting. I am currently caring for a baby who will only be carried and bf at home, but is happy to be put down for short periods here and will gladly drink out of a lidded cup.

It's good that weaning is going well, so you know your LO won't go hungry.

Iwantakitchen Mon 08-Feb-16 13:42:32

Can you try a transition toy, comforter? Put it against his face every time you breastfeed, she sleeps, etc it won't work to start off with, it can take weeks but be persistent with it and it may help when she's with CM.

I am not sure I understand your post - do you feel that he is boob addicted or does she really breast feed just once or twice a day?

You should try to be much stricter with yourself and stick with BF once in the morning and once at night in the lead up to your DD going to child minder.

Artandco Mon 08-Feb-16 13:46:57

It's fine. She only feeds twice a day so you can still do that morning and evening. Try and not use breast for comfort in between.

Childminder can also let her nap in sling or pram at first whilst she adjusts. And then can gradually move to pram or cot more over time.

They will have done this many times so can work with it

pookamoo Mon 08-Feb-16 13:52:13

Hi OP. You have my sympathies, it's a hard wrench but you are doing hte right thing in getting your baby / yourself ready.

Someone wise once said to me not to spend the last month of my maternity leave worrying about exactly the same things as you have put in your opening post. The childminder is an expert who will have done this many times before. artandco is exactly right.

Enjoy your lovely baby. smile

Loulou2kent Mon 08-Feb-16 13:59:56

Agreeing with the above also. Children, especially babies are much better at adapting than we give them credit for! Enjoy the rest of your maternity & take it easy on yourself once your little one starts. Just work together with your cm. She has done this plenty of times. Like another poster says... Babies & children often act/behave different for other people. Goodluck OP & don't stress. Your little one might really surprise you smile

hydrangea78 Mon 08-Feb-16 23:40:00

Thank you all!

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