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help very confused cache level 3 home based child carer

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Tracyp1 Sun 07-Feb-16 17:34:24

hello recently started this course and I am afraid that I am just not understanding what I am being asked to do In one of my tasks it is unit 1 task 6 understand how to work in partnership to support children's outcomes.
it says produce written info that can be shared with parents and carers ect ect.. that describes how partnerships with parents and carers are establishes and maintained. boundaries of confidentiality ect.. there is lots to it. in the assessor guidelines it states we expect to see how partnerships with parents are set up with examples welcome pack leaflt contract. an explanation of consents must include agreeing children's starting points and two year old check up. ok so what's confusing me is do they want a welcome pack which includes all of these things like consent forms and my expectations in relation to building partnerships and how I expect to maintain them. or is it something else completely? I am very confused about this one. if someone on here has done it can give me some advice I would be very grateful

badgerhead Sun 07-Feb-16 19:38:11

For this one I would put into a welcome information pack about how you would work with the parents: e.g how you share their learning journals, progress and activities. Give examples of the type of activities and outings you do(will be doing). Also include all of the permission forms you will need completing. If you are a Pacey member there are sample ones in their members only area you can save & use.

You can also develop a form which the parents fill in when starting which gives you information about the child, what they like/dislike, what comforts them when upset, their favourite toys, games & what their speech is like. Could also include key members of their family, e.g. Grandparents, siblings etc.

You will need to provide a policy/information on how you will maintain confidentiality but make sure that you explain that in cases of safeguarding concerns you may well need to disclose information to the appropriate authorities when required.

If you will have a child attending another setting, e.g. Another childminder or a play school (playgroup/nursery) then you need to state that you will be sharing information with them on the child's progress. It is worth having a permission/acknowledgment form from the parent for this which you can share with the other setting.

Although I haven't done this course, I have been a childminder for over 20 years and am currently finishing my BA Early Years and I also volunteer with Pacey as a Pacey Local Facilitator and support new childminders in my local area. Is there a local childminding group you could join as they will often have members who will help new minders. You are welcome to pm me if you have other questions.

Tracyp1 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:53:43

Oh thank you a much I had litterally no clue if I was doing this right. I am actually joined with the local childrens center so I will pop in and see if there is anyone there to have a chat with next week. Thank you for your help.

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