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Queens Park area childcare?? What would you do

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TexasBaby Thu 21-Jan-16 11:32:58

Hi all, we just moved over from the States a week ago and I thought I'd have a month to find childcare but my job wants me to start next week (!!). I've been at home with my 16 month old his whole life so this is a big step for us both. I think it could be great but I don't know if we should go with a nanny share, childminder or nursery....

We live in the Avenues near Queens Park/Kensil Rise. Anyone have any places or people they would recommend? I need someone Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, about 20 hours a week.

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writingonthewall Thu 21-Jan-16 12:00:49

try your local MN board or

Yerazig Thu 21-Jan-16 16:25:59

To find a good childcare provided within a week isn't going to be an easy task. I think As you have limited time you do need to make up your mind if you want a nanny nursery childminder. You may want to go via an agency to find a temp nanny to give yourself some time to figure out what you need and be back at work. As a nanny searching for jobs the main sites I search are nannyjob and gumtree.

FeelToBeFree Thu 21-Jan-16 17:56:03

I agree with pp - you need to weigh up pros and cons of nanny (personalised care but expensive), vs nursery (reliable and cheaper, but potentially large group setting) vs childminder (small group, more personal but takes holidays and sick days).

There is almost certainly a Queens Park mums Facebook group - definitely is a Maida Vale one. Join and ask for recommendations for nurseries and cms. You may also find a family looking for nanny share.

Good luck!

TexasBaby Thu 21-Jan-16 18:00:59

Thank you for your replies! Is a temp nanny faster to hire? I found a local childminder that can cover two out of the three days (haven't visited yet but hopefully promising!) but still need someone for Thursday's

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FeelToBeFree Thu 21-Jan-16 18:20:38

If you are desperate and need someone quickly you could try an agency eg Eden, Greycoats, Kensington Nannies. They charge an expensive fee but can send you CVs of nannies they have checked out and got references for ect.

dinkystinky Thu 21-Jan-16 18:25:38

I'd go for a temp nanny and then suss out childminders near you - join local FB groups (QP MAD, Maida Vale Parent2Parent) as there are always loads of posts on there about nannies becoming free for days etc and you can ask about childminders.

Beethoven centre does a childminders drop in - cant remember the day - but my friend found her childminder there, who is based near you in the Avenues.

Good luck!

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