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What to offer as salary etc for nanny in New York

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JGTB Wed 20-Jan-16 09:12:51

Moving to New York in August with husband and baby who will be 1 by then. Planning (hoping) to have one or two more and also to work, so thinking about childcare. Could organise a visa for a UK nanny through work and will have room where we will be living for this. Am wondering:

- if I offer sponsored visa and board and lodging in New York (in a nice apartment in a nice bit of Manhattan), what sort of salary would be expected on top?
- would/should this depend on how many babies are being looked after?
- is it ok to say nanny can child mind one or two more similar age babies at same time, to bring in more income (e.g. Up to a limit of three?)
- need to offer reasonable time off, obviously - presumably weekends, one day a week, at least a couple of evenings, and say four (or five or six?) weeks' paid holiday, and something for flights home? Is there a guide anywhere to what is reasonable?

Grateful for any wisdom/insights others can offer!

Whatsthematterwithme Wed 20-Jan-16 19:54:42

It sounds like you need a full-time nanny working 55-60h a week, right? An experienced nanny would generally be paid $600 to $900+ per week plus room and board, plus paid vacation and 3-5 paid sick days.

peppielillyan Wed 20-Jan-16 22:47:37

and why would you need a nanny from UK?

Piratespoo Wed 20-Jan-16 22:56:30

Do you mean you want her to look after other children other than yours at the same time? Why? That seems very odd. And why employ a uk nanny? Much cheaper to employ an American then there are no flights etc to pay for (and cheaper as have less employment rights and maternity pay etc)

Ebb Thu 21-Jan-16 09:53:13

I was getting $600 a week working 7.30am - 7pm, with separate flat ( part of the main house ) two children 5mths and 6yo. That was in 2001. A quick Google of New York nanny agencies suggests anything from $500 to $1000 a week. here for example

It's really hard to get a visa for America so if you can get one through work then I imagine you'll have a fair bit of interest from English Nannies. I loved working in America and my boss spent the entire time trying to marry me off so I could stay. grin

If you go for an American nanny just check their experience/qualifications. A lot are degree educated but not necessarily in Childcare. Two weeks seemed to be the standard holiday when I was there so if you can offer 4 weeks then I'm sure that'd be great. I worked Tues-Sat but most of the other Nannies worked Mon-Fri so I missed out quite a bit on the social scene.

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