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Nanny Interview questions help

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philippamain Mon 04-Jan-16 18:52:47

Hi mums,
I'm interviewing for a nanny on behalf of a friend, so I want to be really sure I find someone great. I have some nannies lined up to interview, but don't know what questions to ask.

What questions do you ask your nannies in an interview to ween out the great ones from the rest?

Rugbycomet Tue 05-Jan-16 02:37:12

Sorry but why would you interview a nanny on behalf of your friend??

Mamagin Tue 05-Jan-16 13:10:24

As Ruby said - being a Nanny is such a personal relationship that I wouldn't want to work for anyone I hadn't met and undergone an interview with. It seems a waste of everyone's time as you would need to undergo at least two interviews!
However, if you do an advanced search for nanny interview questions on this board there are many answers which will help - it is a subject which is frequently asked.

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