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Childcare and homehelp solutions - need advice!

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sephineee Fri 01-Jan-16 13:40:32

At the moment we have a nanny 2 days a week (been with us on varying hours for 2.5 years, I do all her tax for all her jobs) and we use nursery 2 days a week for the two not at school yet. I have a day off and one of us (normally me) finishes at 3 to do school run (both self employed but work in offices and manage staff). We have three kids - one at school, one toddler and one starting school Sept 2016.

We have cleaners in one morning a week to clean and do some ironing.

This still leaves us with a lot of house work to get through around large work loads. Our nanny has lots of good traits but is awful with food and would never help out in the house.

When our middle one goes to school I have no idea what to do. I don't want the toddler to go to nursery 4 days a week and we need backup care for illness and holidays to be fair. We could also do with more help in the house.

No relatives nearby...

Anyone who has been through this transition have any advice? What do housekeepers do? Do they expect to live in, we don't have a spare room! I think they are too young for an au pair (and again, nowhere to put an au pair!)

Thanks in advance!

Cindy34 Fri 01-Jan-16 15:11:54

Nanny/Housekeeper dual role could work when combined with youngest going to pre-school/nursery for some funded sessions (from term after 3rd Birthday), rather than all day.

If you were to offer your existing nanny the new role (5 days per week) would they accept? Sounds like they may not be capable of the role, or could they improve?

Quite a lot of people will be happy to come daily, though will depend on your location. Some may be better at housework than childcare, some the other way around.

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