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Child Growth and health

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Honeyava Mon 28-Dec-15 13:51:36

Hi all,

I join this group to take advice of yours.
I work for a company and away home almost 5 days in a week. I hired a nanny for children. Nanny is good and educated but i'm afraid of being my children are getting fall away from me. I think, I should keep my children with me or Nanny is better for children early growth and for my career. any suggestion ....

peppielillyan Mon 28-Dec-15 20:45:40

do you spend time with your children when you are back? do you treat them nicely? how do they react when you return?
there is plenty that a nanny can do to support the growing love btw mother and her children. a good nanny will always be encouraging the natural flow of love.
on the other hand, can you not work PT, from home lets say?

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