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Telling a 2.5Y old that her darling nanny is leaving

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Manoxlon Sun 20-Dec-15 06:47:09

Hi, we've had a nanny for the last 2.5 years (since my dd was born). She's been living with us and has been very much part of the family. She's without question dd's best friend. She will be leaving in about 1 month (to go back to her country) and we are getting a new nanny. I know that my dd will be devastated. Any advice from anyone on how to tell her and make it better some how..?! Thanks

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HSMMaCM Sun 20-Dec-15 09:59:17

I would play more on how exciting it is for nanny to go home to her family than how sad it is that nanny is leaving.

She might be upset, but she has had a secure beginning to her life and will get over it.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Sun 20-Dec-15 10:00:30

She's 2 give it a few days nd she will of moved on.

Karoleann Sun 20-Dec-15 12:45:50

I was going to post the same as majestic - she'll be fine don't worry. We always just told the truth about what was happening and let then meet the new nanny.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 20-Dec-15 15:48:48

Dd will be fine. Children get used to change and adapt quickly

Agree say lovely old nanny is going home to see her family and make sure that when new nanny starts that there are a few fun things to do

TiesThatBind Sun 20-Dec-15 23:44:54

Watching with interest. We will have the same situation next year, and I am really worried about it.

Good to hear others say that they will get over it quickly but I am not totally convinced. Our nanny really is part of the family, and my DC loves her.

Have you found a new nanny OP? I am also worried about how we will replace ours. She is the only nanny we have ever had, and I find it difficult to imagine someone else as lovely also I hate and fear change

Badgirlforlife1 Sat 02-Jan-16 08:48:30

Build the new nanny as a new adventure.

Whatsinaname2011 Sat 02-Jan-16 08:53:58

I wouldn't mention it too much at 2.5yr. Honestly she will cope better than you think. Tell her only a day or two in advance, don't make a big deal and she will really move on so fast.

Have been in Same situation as you, with nanny that lives in and a 2 year old who ADORES her.

Manoxlon Fri 08-Jan-16 15:38:16

Thank you for advice - Interesting that consensus seems to be to keep it low key. I've read a few articles online suggesting to actually do a goodbye ritual ie make the kids give gift to the nanny, draw pictures for her, take her to the airport etc... in other words do the song and dance. I might decide to try to keep it simple- we are 5 days before the bid day, fingers crossed it works out :-)

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