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Shit, Ofsted have just cancelled my registration

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NannyR Thu 17-Dec-15 20:26:59

I'm an ofsted registered nanny and my renewal was due in November. I received a letter about this at the beginning of November. As usual I passed it onto my employer, he usually does the bank transfer direct rather than me paying then him transferring the money back to me. On this occasion he's obviously forgotten to do it and I stupidly forgot to ask him if he did it, so it didn't get paid (and I know it's my responsibility to pay it not his but it just seemed easier to do it this way, we've done it this way for the last three years)

I've just received a letter saying that my registration will be cancelled in 28 days because I didn't respond to a reminder/notice of intention to cancel that they sent me 14 days ago.
I did not receive that letter, I know for certain that I did not receive that letter as I am meticulous about opening post and dealing with it/filing it away immediately, and if I had received such a letter I would have sorted out the payment immediately.

So now it looks like I have to go through a tribunal procedure to appeal the cancellation. I need to call ofsted in the morning to see what's going on (just got in from work and the offices are closed) and whether they actually sent this reminder or whether it got lost in the post.

Has anyone appealed against a cancellation in similar circumstances? What was the procedure and the outcome?

I'm having a tough time at the moment and this is one thing I could do without. I just feel so angry with myself that I didn't check he'd paid it.

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ClaygateNanny123 Thu 17-Dec-15 21:40:15

Hi hopefully they will let you renew if you pay within the 28 days.

Years ago I let my registration lapse as I didn't need it any more and it was cancelled. When reapplying recently they asked the question: Have you ever had registration cancelled for any reason other than non payment of fees? I don't think it will be treated in the same way as if it had been cancelled for another reason. I was able to just apply as usual

peppielillyan Fri 18-Dec-15 21:05:42

Long ago I had my registration expiring in August 2012, when i was meant to be on ML. Then when i started work the family didnt get vouchers so i didnt need to be registered. Ofsted called me at some point after before Xmas 2013 to ask about the money, so I explained to them that i literally didnt have that amount. So i got all paid that day and nobody has canceled it so far for not paying...

justmemeandi Sat 19-Dec-15 23:51:03

What was the outcome op?

NannyR Sun 20-Dec-15 20:54:11

I called them and they said I could just pay it over the phone and nothing else would happen. Wasn't 100% convinced as the letter definitely said that the decision had been made and could only be reversed by an appeal, so I called back and another person confirmed what the first had said. So I will see what happens in 28 days time.

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Raereggie Sat 17-Dec-16 17:33:23

Hi. Have just received one of these letters and paid it straight away. With the being Saturday their offices being closed I can't speak to anyone. I genuinely never received any letters from them regarding this. Anything to do with ofsted I pay straight away.

Did they keep you registered? I feel sick with worry and now I have to waste my weekend worrying about it. Please reply back

HSMMaCM Sun 18-Dec-16 15:58:46

They tried this with me last year. I set up to pay by direct debit. I got a bill saying when they would collect the direct debit. Then a letter saying they were cancelling my registration !

Raereggie Sun 18-Dec-16 16:55:29

Did they cancel it what did they say to you? X

HSMMaCM Sun 18-Dec-16 21:01:10

I phoned them. They said they were going to cancel my registration. I paid on the spot and they didn't cancel it, but they still never acknowledged their mistake. I've just got my renewal for next year and it says it will be paid by direct debit. I will be checking.

NannyR Mon 19-Dec-16 12:34:58

I called them and paid it over the phone and didn't hear anything else back from them. My registration was still valid and I got a renewal as normal this year. So it was a lot of worry for nothing.

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JeanGenie23 Tue 20-Dec-16 15:54:44

I am a childminder, but also have annual fee, I set up a direct debit, worked nicely for four years and then this year there was issues, again they never apologised or even acknowledged their mistake, I just paid over the phone. It isn't great if this is happening more frequently. They can be intimidating bastards!

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