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Childminders - how to give notice?

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Iwantakitchen Thu 26-Nov-15 14:23:20

I am an experienced childminder and looking after a number of children. Unfortunately I have given notice to one family - I have too much on my plate, struggle to make everything fit and the child in question is challenging in terms of behaviour. The family is now trying to convince me to keep him but this is my business, my work, my (health, sanity, time...). Please help me find the right words to stand by my decision and not let their problems with finding an alternative childcare arrangement become my problem. I am giving them the required four weeks notice, and could have the child a couple of extra weeks if required. Please help!

HSMMaCM Thu 26-Nov-15 15:08:44

You've given notice with a date. Just say "sorry no" if they ask again. Don't add an extra couple of weeks or they'll just keep extending it. You need to be fit, healthy and happy for the other children as well as yourself.

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