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JumpyJennifer92 Wed 18-Nov-15 20:02:45

Hello everyone!
Basically I just need to rant and I hope someone will listen haha.
So I'm a nanny part time but also babysit for a few different families also.
One family who I have only babysat for once before asked me on Monday to come tonight (bit short notice but fair enough) so I agreed.
As they live in the hills, literally in the middle of nowhere I have to rely on lifts when I babysit for them as I don't drive. The person who was suppose to be taking me was late and I texted them to say I would be a few mins late because of traffic (didn't want to say the real reason as didn't want it to look like I was unprofessional etc). They didn't text me back, anyway I was 10 mins late and sincerely apologised but they just seemed so annoyed by it? I understand they had a dinner reservation but what can i do if the person who's suppose to pick me up is late (or theirs traffic as that's the reason I told them). Anyway I brushed it off as I thought not much more I can do but say sorry. Anyway little girl was absolutely fine and so happy to see me when I walked in (only been here once before and she was fine), as soon as mum said she was going she kicked off, started screaming and crying hysterically to the point where she nearly made herself sick. Mum passed her over to me and she was just kicking and punching me, managed to Punch me in the eye as well so it's a bit painful now. I think what I'm more shocked about is how mum just left her like that, yes I'm a professional nanny and it's great that she trusts me so much with her child but to be honest if my child was screaming and crying like that I would of stayed until she had calmed down. Also mum saw her kicking and punching me and never once said "don't do that" or anything. I understand children get upset but I don't even take abuse like that off my nanny kids let alone a babysitting one for only £6 an hour!
Another thing is that they can never give me a certain time they'll be home. they always say "oh we'll tell you when we're on our way" so I'm just sat there not knowing what time they'll be back, could be midnight or anything. My Problem is that I've already agreed to 3 other days I'll do but I really just don't want to do it now as I feel so uncomfortable and I really don't want to deal with the little girl next time if she decides to act up again. I don't think I can cancel now as I promised and I wouldn't either as I want to be professional. Has any one ever been in this situation before and was it awkward afterwards? By the way I'm not judging the mum (I know it may seem like that) as she really is nice. I'm just beginning to wonder is it all worth £6 an hour? Thanks for listening X

nannynick Wed 18-Nov-15 21:23:04

I feel you need to consider if it is really possible for you to have this client given your travel arrangements. You need to be able to get there and back again under your own steam. Does whomever is giving you a lift really want to be waiting up for a phone call to say 'come and get me'? It seems a bit much given it could be Midnight or later.

So children do kick off when parents leave but calm down quickly. It may be a phase the child is going through and the mum trusts you enough to know that you would handle it. They were already running late due to you being late, so staying longer may not have been practical.

Sometimes it is not worth it for the money, you have to pick and choose your clients carefully and be prepared to dump them if you start to find them a pain. You provide a service and you have a choice as to whom you provide that to. Many parents and children are lovely but others you just don't gel with and it can be better for all concerned not to keep going back to them.

JumpyJennifer92 Wed 18-Nov-15 21:40:54

Hi Nick, thanks for taking the time to comment!
I've had time to think and I think I was just being a drama queen lol! Ive just had one of those days.
To be fair the person who takes me and picks me up is my dad (as I still live at home) and he wouldn't do it if he didn't want to, he was actually held up at work himself that's why he was late. (but I thought it was best to use the traffic excuse as somehow it sounded better lol).
I think I was annoyed more that they were annoyed about me being late as when they hired me (so to speak) they knew I didn't drive and would have to rely on people to give me lifts so anything could happen, I also think anything could happen if I drove myself as lots of things come up that are out of our control.
I understand that they were late for their meal but to be honest (in my opinion) if it was my daughter screaming and crying to the point she couldn't breath I would have stayed until she calmed down, I mean that is more important than a meal right? I don't know I guess we all have different opinions etc! x

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 18-Nov-15 21:44:03

who picks you up at the end of a bs shift

no i wouldnt work for £6, and its also under nmw so illegal

only you can decide whether you want to work for this family again, personally i wouldnt

maybe say to them that you cant get there any more as friend now works late/goes to the gym etc so say sorry but you cant honor the other dates

maybe mum left as thought be easier and child would calm down if they werent there, and if she didnt calm down and mum was there, what would you have wanted her to do would you have expected mum not to go out?

cansu Thu 19-Nov-15 20:14:14

I think you should have been up front about the getting a lift and texted them as soon as you knew you were going to be late. If you don't think six pounds is enough put up your rate and see if they still want your services. As regards the little girl they absolutely should have told her off for her behaviour before leaving. Leaving with a wailing child is one thing, leaving you with one who was punching you is another.

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