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Interview for older children

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nannynoss Wed 18-Nov-15 18:22:46


I've got an interview coming up for a nanny housekeeper role with children aged between 6 and 10. It is my ideal job, but I can't put why into words. I also have a lot more experience with little ones, but mainly because it is more rare to find full time nanny roles with older children.

I feel like I really need a change from the daily routine with tiny ones, and I really love doing homework, taxiing kids around to various activities and generally seeing them development in a completely different way to when they are little. Should I say this at interview?

I've worked with older children in dribs and drabs but never really interviewed for a full time role with this age, so I'm feeling a bit out of my depth.

As a parent of older children, what are you looking for? And any nannies who have worked with this age - any tips?

Thank you.

nannynoss Wed 18-Nov-15 18:26:36

Also, I forgot to ask, what discipline strategies do you use for older children? Presumably it's more negotiating and explaining consequences/warnings but my mind has gone a bit blank with nerves!

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