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childminder changing holiday dates within short notice, what are people opinions?

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Ashemodragon Mon 16-Nov-15 12:31:07

so my child minder was supposed to be on holiday this week and going with her family to disney land paris, but because of the shootings there a couple days ago it's not open till wed, so she has now decided that she has come home, and is now open this week, but shut next week instead! i'm a little bit annoyed, but i don't know whether or not i'm being horrible or not, on the one hand i can completely understand her holiday was ruined and it wasn't anything that she could have changed to stop it from happening, but on the other there are probably lots of other parents who have had to book time off work to look after their kids who may not be able to go to work and say they need to swap the weeks over, a lot of employers probably would not change it within such short notice, so now they are having to find alternative child care. i spoke to a friend of mine and she said that because of the fact that people rely on you as a child minder she should have tried to go some where else/ spend some time at home with her family rather than just change the days. and i agree, i mean i know there is no way if that happened to me my employer would just let me have the next week of instead. what do people think on this?

HSMMaCM Mon 16-Nov-15 15:40:34

I think if you can swap your weeks off work, then you should be understanding under the circumstances. If it's caused you a major problem, then can you talk to her about something she can do for you in return? I'm assuming your contract has a native period for holidays? She may still not offer anything in return, but hopefully she will realise if it has caused you a major problem at work. I'm assuming she doesn't normally change plans at the last moment and I don't think you can expect her to tell her own children that the holiday to Disneyland they have been promising all year is now going to be a week at their grandparents, days out at the park, or whatever. I think it's give and take both ways and the cm hasn't done this deliberately.

HSMMaCM Mon 16-Nov-15 15:41:23

Notice period not native

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 16-Nov-15 19:47:55

what does contract say about holiday, assume most are 4 weeks notice so tbh she shouldnt go next week, but maybe if she could find you childcare with another cm would you be agreeable to this

yes disappointing when holidays/plans dont happen due to 'acts of god'/terrorism

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