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Part-time Nanny for soon -to-be SAHM

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LostAtTheFair Sun 15-Nov-15 19:03:20

I am expecting DC2 in March. I have a DS who will be 19 months when DC2 arrives. I won't be returning to work after maternity leave (I currently work 3 days). Instead of continuing to have my DS in nursery, I will be hiring a nanny to help me in the house on a part time basis. The idea is that I will then be able to have some one-on-one time with each child, take my DS to playgroups, bond with DC2, rest if DC2 is a poor sleeper and (hopefully) have some time to get out and about to get groceries alone, run errands and maybe even get some exercise in.

My husband works v long hours and commutes so I will need help around bath/bedtime and was thinking that if I can I will get someone who will work until 7.30pm at least 2/3 nights.

What type of work pattern will work best in this situation? My budget will pay for approx 20 hours' salary (maybe 25). Do I go for 4 short days or 3 longer days?

I am a bit wary of having someone in the house with me but I have no family or support nearby and DH's job is extremely pressurised and time consuming (though he is amazing at weekends). What are your experiences of working as a nanny or having a nanny while mum is present? What type and level of experience should I aim for? Is It reasonable to expect that she pitches in with meal preparation and very light housework (sweeping up kitchen after DS has eaten, emptying dishwasher)?

Thanks in advance for any tips

backinthebox Sun 15-Nov-15 19:14:19

My nanny does exactly what you are looking for. My work patterns are not fixed, so we arrange flexible hours that suit both of us on a month by month basis. Some days she might be there for the whole day, other days she will only do the hours from school pick up to bedtime. I am often at home when she is here, but usually that is because I have worked a night shift and am hoping to get a bit of uninterrupted kip when I get home from work! She's happy to work part time only - she has a young child of her own and likes the ability to spend time at home with him. I would say it is definitely harder to find someone who wants part time work, but there are people out there, you just need to be able to be open with them for the working relationship to work to its best.

nannynick Sun 15-Nov-15 20:27:42

It would depend on the person you can find to do it. Some people may want to work 2 days a week, others 3 days. They will often need to fit it with other work. Late start, late finish may appeal to some, so you may find someone would do 11.30am-7.30pm or you may find people want to do 10-12 hour days. Some may just want to do afternoons and be happy doing 2.30-7.30pm 5 days a week.

I would think about what would suit you best and then advertise for that and see if there is any interest. Then adapt it to fit whomever applies.
I would wonder if you are better having 2 full days - so then you know you have someone coming to help, you can plan ahead for what you are doing, you could go out on your own to meet friends, or you could take a child with you, thus giving each child 1:1 time. You could ask the person to do some household chores like putting laundry in the machine, hanging to dry, folding and putting away, sticking the dishwasher on, a quick vac.

Toddler groups tend to be morning, often 9.30am start, some can be afternoons but they in my view are rarer. DC2 may sleep mid morning and mid afternoon, DC1 would more likely be active morning and may or may not have a nap in the afternoon.

Having a parent around can be tricky, you need to get on well with each other and have clear boundaries as to who is doing what, when. This can be a bit of trial and error to start with but if you are both on the same wavelength you establish something that works for you.

Having fixed days and fixed hours will help with payroll. You can have variable but it means you have to keep track of things very carefully.

wizzywig Tue 17-Nov-15 08:36:54

How do you work out a contract if you work varying hours?

backinthebox Tue 17-Nov-15 21:34:58

We worked out what the likely maximum number of hours a month we would need a nanny for was and that is the number of hours we pay for, whether we use them or not. I once worked out that we have paid our nanny for more hours each month than she has worked for the entire time we have employed her (nearly 5 years) as flexibility is of the utmost importance to us. It is basically a flexibility premium. I can be delayed by a day or more when the weather turns bad, and it is worth it to me to pay above the odds to have someone who is not flustered in the slightest if I call to say I am stuck on the wrong side of the world! It's only happened twice, but it is very reassuring to know it's never a bother to her.

lushaliciousbob Wed 18-Nov-15 10:21:56

Hi there, I think you would be easier to find someone if you do 3 days. If you can stretch it then I think 3 days of 8 hours would work well. Maybe 11:30-7:30 twice and 8- 4 one day? That day you could do a playgroup as playgroups are usually in the morning (although I have found some afternoon groups) I think you are more likely to get someone for 3 days a week because they can then find work on the other 2 days, boosting their week to 44 hours plus. Especially if you are flexible with what days you need help. And most definitely sweeping etc. . I think the rule is to try not to get carried away handing out cleaning jobs. So think, anything child related is fine. I do do other jobs too but my boss wouldn't expect this. Having a separate laundry basket for the children helps as she can come in and put the washing straight on, then get stuck in with the children. Good luck smile

MrsNuckyT Thu 19-Nov-15 09:33:47

I've considered hiring someone to do this (if / when I have fictional DC2). I think it would be better to have full day less often than someone 'under your feet' more days in the week.

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