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Christmas Present, Annual Bonus & Annual Salary Increase for Nanny

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meggleshs Fri 13-Nov-15 11:55:28

Over the last 11 months, our nanny has transformed our home life. I'd love to give her a nice christmas present & annual bonus. She's moving home, so was thinking voucher to John Lewis or B&Q?

And then Bonus. I was thinking a week's salary? Is this something I need to do through our payroll provider or is it in cash?

Lastly, I'm getting a 3.8% increase at work. Is it normal to pass that same percentage to her?

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 13-Nov-15 12:38:13

It varies. Some say small pressie and no bonus - others £50

others small pressie and weeks bonus cash - which is what I've had

It's what you can afford and happy to give / and sure nanny will be grateful whatever

Rise - again what you are happy to give.

Forresitters Fri 13-Nov-15 12:50:19

How lovely of you to be so thoughtful and show your appreciation of your nanny!
As blondes has already said it varies with each family although I think what you have suggested is more than good enoughwink

Also it's always nice having something from the children - whether they have made it themselves or chosen it specifically for their nannysmile

Yerazig Fri 13-Nov-15 18:06:50

You sound a lovely employer. As above there is not standard procedure. For example I received chocolate for xmas but also from families I have received cash. Some nannies get nothing some get a thousand pound bonus.
For me personally I would like a personalised gift and cash, that would go down very nicely.
I don't expect a rise at all yes would be nice

ProjectPerfect Fri 13-Nov-15 18:16:10

Recognisng that our nanny makes the world go round we do the following:

Annual bonus = one month salary

Christmas gift is vouchers or something I know she would really like. Usually about £80-£120.

Pay rise this year was 10%.

None of this is contractual - I've always been very clear that her doing her job well means I can do mine well. If I do well I get a bonus, if she's supported me in getting there then she gets rewarded. It's a system that works.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 13-Nov-15 22:38:47

Ps all bonus's as should all money /babysitting etc be declared but it you do happened to give cash which I'm not suggesting at all ....... Then no one would know or be the wiser

PowerPantsRule Sat 14-Nov-15 00:07:09

I do two weeks salary for our nanny if she has been there for the whole year (we have a new one just started so I would give her say £100). I then give gift vouchers on top like Project Perfect - for £80 in my case. Then I buy something daft and personal from the children.

I don't do a pay rise at Christmas - we do pay reviews as and when.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 14-Nov-15 08:07:04

Remember you need to pay the tax on vouchers just as if they were a cash bonus.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 18-Nov-15 11:56:43

In the past we have done a weeks net salary in cash and a small gift from the kids.

Payrise is entirely down to your ability to pay it, the timing of when your nanny started. ie it doesn't have to be Christmas. , and where your nanny is in the market. You may not have had a pay rise in years but hired her at the top of the market rate?

It's nice to give a pay rise but you will also have pensions kicking in this year which already adds to her overall package and your costs.

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