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DS getting scratches at childminder's

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blushingmare Wed 04-Nov-15 07:06:12

My DS (18mo) has a lovely childminder and after a difficult settling period, seems to finally be quite happy with her. The only thing is, I've noticed he often comes home from her's with scratches on his face - once or twice they've been quite big ones. She hasn't said anything to me about them, but I wonder if I should ask her? She has another mindee - a 2.5yo girl, and my mum, who does the pick up, suspects this girl might be doing the scratching. This girl has been with the childminder on her own for a while and my DS is quite new, so it would be understandable if there was some jealousy there. I know at 18mo children get into all sorts of bumps and scrapes, but he doesn't really get scratches at any other time, and I don't like think of him being routinely "got at" by another child, if that is in fact what is happening - it might be something else I guess.

I really don't want to upset my childminder by bringing it up. What would be a good way to enquire without causing offence?

Remembermyname Wed 04-Nov-15 07:15:20

I collect my dd (2.5yrs) from the childminders with a scratch on her face. I just asked the childminder if she knew what had happened. She said she didn't see anything and that dd hasn't cried at any point. Dd then piped up that the other mindee had done it, but not on purpose.
I would mention it to the childminder, say you've cut his nails (in case he's scratching himself) and can she keep an eye out to see what's happening.

HSMMaCM Wed 04-Nov-15 08:36:24

Definitely mention it to the CM. I cared for a child who liked to squeeze cheeks and sometimes this resulted in scratches. I had no problem explaining to parents and doing my best to protect the children.

Anyway, whether it's jealousy, deliberate, or accidental you should definitely mention it.

Nicadooby Sun 08-Nov-15 07:49:31

Tbh I'm shocked that the childminder hasn't told you about them on pick up.

I'm a childminder and anything that would leave a mark on the skin I would fill in an accident/incident form to give to the parents on arrival.

I would definitely bring it up with her although they are all probably very innocent she should have an explanation as to why it keeps happening

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