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How do I be a helpful nanny while mb is on ml?

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mysparkleismissing Mon 02-Nov-15 10:01:02

My boss goes on ml on monday
She's having a cs on 30th Nov and will go back to work in may.
I'm here 3 days a week current kids are g4&1/2 at ft school and b2&1/2 and my son who is 4.

Any tips from mummies or other nannies on how to be helpful but not annoying during this time.

StealthPolarBear Mon 02-Nov-15 10:03:20

I haven't had either a cs or a nanny but when I had a baby I just wanted someone to take the older dc out and tire them out in the fresh air. Oh and make them eat vegetables so I could be fun mummy with the pizza and sweets smile

Iguessyourestuckwithme Mon 02-Nov-15 14:21:56


I went from being a sole charge nanny to shared care when my boss went on maternity leave with number 2; this was my first position with a new born.

First few days - I tried to ensure she could sleep as much as possible, so if the baby was fed, I would then take the baby out for a walk, play with the children downstairs. I also made sure that she ate nutritious meals - so would make a bigger meal for the eldest so that MB could have a filling lunch instead of snacking or having a bowl of cereal etc. Also when feeding - I would bring her tea/drinks/snacks as she would be stuck on the couch for long periods. I found a sling was great as I got to attach the baby to me and still deal with the kids.

First few weeks - we tried to keep the older child in their routine; groups etc however with the summer holidays approaching this was often tricky - however we kept the routine of going out in the morning, and coming home for lunch and naps - then we would see Mummy and sometimes do things together - park, zoo, woodland walk etc - depending on how MB was feeling.

If Mb is around I try to let her have fun with the children, instead of trying to rush the kids out the door - depends on what mb's plans are - so they can have fun together. I know she likes doing bed time so I try to make sure that she gets that part of the day - even if it means having a crying baby downstairs with me - until she can come and deal with the baby.

I tried to be flexible with timings - so if everything is okay at home time I will leave, but if the baby is crying or the older child needs something then I will stay on - however as the months have gone on we have a routine in place so that doesn't always happen.

My boss is starting back at work now - so some days she's around and wants to enjoy time with the kids, some days she has so much to do - so will pop into the office or go out to do some work - I always try and make sure that we can try and meet up for feedings or just to say Hi. The baby is now taking a bottle so it's easier for us to do longer days - instead of having panicked calls asking where she is so we can find her for a feed.

If MB is at work - full day - then as before I will send texts telling her what we're upto or photos etc as i know she misses them both,

Iguessyourestuckwithme Mon 02-Nov-15 14:23:32

I would definitely say communication is key - MB has kept it that I am in charge of the schedule but I will let her know asap our plans so she know's we're off to the farm; so that it doesn't clash with a visit from grandma - or so that she can go and do a baby playdate with her friend without the older one bouncing about.

wizzywig Tue 03-Nov-15 13:40:28

Iguess, you sound perfect!! God i couldve done with you when i had my kids

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