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Au pair share

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JumpRope Mon 26-Oct-15 15:01:32

So I know nanny shares are quite commonplace, I am wondering whether any au pair ever would agree to take on an ap share? Potentially, as an example, this would mean staying every weekend and Mon and Tues with one family, then sleeping over Weds, Thurs and Fri with another family. Own room in each house, and the houses within walking distance.
Although I could consider hosting them every night, and they just go to another family to work for some of their hours.
Financially, they would earn more than the standard pay if they were with just one family eg. each family would give them £70pw.
What do you think about this? A bit unorthodox, but most family I know have found it a bit much having a house guest/another member of the family 24/7, but could probably cope for half of the week. And if they were earning much more than the going rate and still living in the same town, do you think any ap might go for it???

Anon2309 Mon 26-Oct-15 16:05:04

not okay at all. What you're saying is you both want really cheap childcare and are not even willing to do the #1 requirement for having an au pair - hosting them in your house. I wouldn't ever accept it as it seems very stingy to me. The reason au pairs get paid little money is because they're treated like family. I wouldn't feel very accepted into the family if they'd want me to leave every 3 days. Plus the hassle of always carrying stuff back and forth. Not to mention this is the very border of illegal.

milkmilklemonade12 Mon 26-Oct-15 16:11:11

I pay my AP £135 a week for 1 5 year old, so YABVVVVVU!

Stop being so cheap angry

JumpRope Mon 26-Oct-15 16:47:08

We could afford an ap full time no problem (although the going rate in our area is £80-£100 for 25 hours). But I don't want someone living in 24/7, as its been too intense in the past, and I've found it quite a slog feeding them (I eat like a bird and kids have main meal at school).

RNBrie Mon 26-Oct-15 16:53:10

We have an au pair and I think I'd be pretty horrified if someone suggested this to us. She's supposed to be a member of your family, not someone who can be passed from pillar to post...

I agree that feeding them is sometimes a bit tiresome if you don't want to cook, but ours won't mind the occasional ready meal or beans on toast if that's what we are having.

I don't think you really have the right attitude to the whole AP thing and alternative childcare is probably a good idea.

Karoleann Mon 26-Oct-15 16:54:02

They'd have to move their things every time they moved house though.

can imagine it would be very unsettling for them too.....much easier just to get your own au pair and then just ask her to cook for herself a couple of times a week (which is completely acceptable).

Artandco Mon 26-Oct-15 16:56:48

Just get a live out nanny then. Seeing as you only need part time they won't be that much more

Au pair - £100 money, £20 travel pass, £20 in food. Plus extra expense of more utilities, paying for entry to things out with you and meals out sometimes with family. Plus inconvience of having someone in home. Average £150+ a week

Live out nanny - £10 per hr gross ( assuming not London based on your au pair average) so that's £200 ish a week for 20 hrs. Less if you need less hrs ( say 3-6pm daily only)

JumpRope Mon 26-Oct-15 16:58:02

It could be quite a pain for them.....

We've had lots of aps and always made them very welcome. Still in touch with 2 out of the 4 who come to the UK to visit us. So we do understand. There are loads of aps in our area, and some of them really do seem to just want lodgings, so maybe it would be someone more like that.

JumpRope Mon 26-Oct-15 16:58:52

Yes, Artandco - it is mainly the babysitting that adds up for us though, and the convenience of having a sitter here when we need it.

milkmilklemonade12 Mon 26-Oct-15 17:01:08

Well everyone who requires childcare has to make some kind of sacrifice.

I picked carefully to ensure the girls who have lived with us have been good to live with, and muck in and help.

That's all you can ask for really, and au pair sharing really goes against the spirit of it; you're supposed to be inviting someone into your home to absorb the culture.

It's about give and take; and if you don't want a key factor in having an AP then you'll have to find another option.

milkmilklemonade12 Mon 26-Oct-15 17:06:15

Also, AP should be able to prepare meals for herself when required. During the week here, it's every man for themselves. I do cook at the weekends for the family, when it's hardly a trouble to put another bit of chicken in the pot, for example. And that's if she's not out and about with a friend.

But you shouldn't be cooking specially for an AP every night.

PeppaWellington Mon 26-Oct-15 17:19:29

When would the au pair get a day off? hmm

JumpRope Mon 26-Oct-15 17:41:23

They'd probably get weekends off tbh - aside from babysitting.

milkmilklemonade12 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:06:09

I can't see this working out. I don't think an au pair is the right solution for you.

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