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*Help!* [confused] Local Putney Recommendations for Serene Mary Poppins Style Childminding Services or Nursery

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Bellseybub Mon 26-Oct-15 12:06:11

Help! confused After all of your amazing support last week, I withdrew my child from nursery after being very concerned that the nursery had left her hysterically crying and was very concerned after they advised they couldn't comfort her because "it wasn't fair on the other children" to give her attention - even though they weren't upset! It has really left me very uneasy (Im quite a chilled out person but with a healthy interest in my child), and I am desperate to find some alternative childcare solutions for 3 half days a week ideally in the Putney area or nearby. I am reaching out to you lovely mums as nine times out of ten you know best! ;-) I have also been swithering between finding a good child minder or a very nurturing nursery. The child minding option is appealing but having looked at Wandsworth Council's website, confused I am truly lost in a list of names and no real idea if any of the people are serene Mary Poppins (am I asking too much?!!!). In essence, I need somewhere safe and loving that will give my 18 month old a fun and happy time while ensuring she is not in any danger, and is able to build on her happy confident personality that she has at home. I need someone with good experience of young developing toddlers and their needs, where the environment is calm and knowledgeable and the minders or nursery staff are loving and open so that the children flock to them!!! I don't want 'mummy leaving' to be a scary experience and know it takes time to settle in, but someone who communicates well on how she is doing, and attentive to her is vital. I also need somewhere that is polite and encourages the little ones positively with manners (as well as speaking fluent English). It all seems a big ask and * smile I am reaching out to you lovely mums to see if you know of anywhere locally (SW15) that you think is fabulous and would fit the bill!. CRB checks are obviously key as I would never forgive myself if she was in an untrustworthy environment, and I need someone who accepts child vouchers. I still have good nursery's in the bill so please throw in any recommendations. I am looking at all options to find the perfect childcare solution that leaves me feeling like I've done my best and my DD is happy smile. I really appreciate your local know how!!!! smile smile smile thlsmile Big Big Big thank you!!!! grin

HSMMaCM Mon 26-Oct-15 16:05:05

No idea about your local area but ...

Nurseries and Childminders should all have CRB checks. Take up references from existing parents. Visit a few and trust your gut instinct.

When you do find someone, please don't be surprised if there is some upset when you leave. Your DC has had an unsettling start to childcare and might find it hard to see you leave at first. Quick hug and a cheery goodbye and see how it goes.

Bellseybub Wed 28-Oct-15 08:33:38

Thanks, I have a list of things I want to make sure they have. I know my DD will likely be upset at first (always hard on mummy!) but hoping that if I find anyone nurturing, it will help ease the transition.

Any tips for Putney on half day nurseries or child minding greatly received smile

hibbleddible Fri 30-Oct-15 17:46:18

Not in Putney, but not far: Peques Nursery.

Truly exceptional and worth travelling for.

glenthebattleostrich Fri 30-Oct-15 17:56:58

Do you go to any groups or activities? If not, perhaps get in touch with organisers of such groups and ask them if they know of anyone. I get loads of referals from them (stealth boast, but often people don't realise the kids I have with me aren't all mine, I get asked about my 2 year old twins a lot!)

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