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Nanny interview

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Coconutmummy Sun 25-Oct-15 21:43:20

Hello, I expect this has been asked a lot. Please pardon me for asking again. After trying all other childcare options, I have now come to conclusion of needing a nanny. I resisted this because I did not really want to employ anyone and get involved with tax, ni, etc. I have a baby in nursery whom due to a significant accident with huge scarring, I have resolved to remove and have cared for at home. I have a live in au pair for 2 school aged children, however, she really can't care for baby. So I need a nanny from 10-4pm, when I will be out of home. I have a lady attending interview on Wednesday and just want some guidance on what to be aware of, questions to ask etc. I have been provided references and will follow them up after interview. This person seems like she will be perfect so I would like to get this right. All advise and suggestions welcome. Role is to entertain baby ( 7 months(from 10am till 4.

Coconutmummy Mon 26-Oct-15 03:39:48


FishWithABicycle Mon 26-Oct-15 05:18:01

Some thoughts:
- Role of a nanny isn't "to entertain" - possibly you were just in a rush to finish the post and didn't mean it this way but (a) a nanny/childcarer does way more than entertainment and (b) if they are any good they won't be regarding entertainment as a key activity anyway as children get more out of discovering and exploring for themselves (supervised as appropriate)

- your baby is currently 7 months but if you are looking for a solution that will work in the long term you mustn't focus on recruitment for care of a 7 month old but think about the 1yo, 2yo and 3yo your baby will become.

You need to ask questions to probe this person's attitudes and preferred practices in areas that are important to you. Are they outdoorsy? Arts&craftsy? Cuddly? Strict?

You've been provided references now - why not follow them up now? Then any issues raised can help inform your interview?

Coconutmummy Mon 26-Oct-15 09:21:53

Thanks. I just thought it would be inappropriate to seek references before I had met the lady. I am hoping this will be long term as I will be having another baby. I guess what I need help with is in relation to what skills I need. I have not done this before so don't really want to be saying the wrong thing and setting myself on a path to fail/offend. I have a contract of employment sorted but what should I be expecting or asking for in terms of tasks at this stage.

Borninthe60s Tue 27-Oct-15 21:50:14

I'm a nanny

Questions I'd expect to be asked would be can I meet child's needs, especially scarring you mentioned. Will I maintain routine, meet EYFS standards.

Ought to have up to date first aid, public liability, voluntary registered with ofsted, clear DBS check, two references.

Throw a couple of scenarios in and ask hoe nanny would deal.

Would nanny work well with au pair and older children

What can she offer you that no other nanny say experience with special needs, autism for example

Coconutmummy Wed 28-Oct-15 21:09:00

Thank you very much Borrin. Very helpful suggestions

Borninthe60s Fri 30-Oct-15 08:16:43

Just wondering if you've interviewed and how it went?

Piratespoo Fri 30-Oct-15 08:28:57

Have a look at if you don't want to do all the payroll, pension etc stuff....

Coconutmummy Sun 01-Nov-15 10:29:15

I had 2 people interview. I offered the role to a lady whom I think will be perfect. She has a long notice period though so will be starting Mid December. We will have to try and manage somehow. I am by no means a novice mother, however in the short interview period with this lady, I learned from her, and I am very confident about leaving baby and older siblings occasionally in her charge. I have an accountant who will be doing the payroll for me @ pirate. I work as a contractor through a limited company. I just would rather have avoided collecting tax through payroll etc. It's all sorted now. Thanks for everyone's input.

Whatsthematterwithme Tue 03-Nov-15 15:22:24

I don't think you can employ the nanny through the limited company.

Cindy34 Tue 03-Nov-15 16:20:34

No you can't but I don't think they are saying that. The accountant can set up a separate PAYE scheme and produce the payslips. No employers NI discount, whatever that is called, as domestic employers are exempt.

Coconutmummy Tue 03-Nov-15 20:19:39

Yes Cindy, they will do the paye so I do not need to get nanny tax to do it.

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