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Can anyone give me current gross hourly rates for Oxfordshire?

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freshmint Sat 24-Oct-15 18:17:04

For live out nanny/housekeepers or housekeeper/nannies?

I have had the same lovely nanny for 6 years and she is going on maternity leave. It coincides with my job changing and so I now need completely different hours etc and I've lost sight of what market rate is. I'm assuming about £12 ph gross for 30 hours a week (5 days/week x 6 hrs/day). Is this right? I would rather pay too much than too little. Any help gratefully received.

freshmint Sat 24-Oct-15 20:08:55


everybodylovesdogs Sat 24-Oct-15 20:11:14

More likely min 12 pounds per hour net I think.

freshmint Sat 24-Oct-15 21:24:24

Oh really?

Callaird Sun 25-Oct-15 01:20:30

Not in Oxfordshire unless maybe you are in Oxford. I'd say £10 net per hour but depends on age and experience. I live in London and don't know of any nannies on £12 net per hour.

freshmint Sun 25-Oct-15 08:13:07

I really would like to agree a gross wage. We are a few miles out of oxford near Abingdon.
I know it is going to be difficult to fill a maternity cover job starting just after Xmas - so is there anything I can say in the ad to make it more attractive? I hoped to put in a decent rate of pay but don't want to specify something which ends up being out of whack with the market...

NuffSaidSam Sun 25-Oct-15 09:50:55

You need to look at what jobs are offering in your area to get an idea of going rate. Have a look on local agency websites and see what the jobs offer or give them a ring and ask them what they think. Look on or nannyjob as well and see what is being offered. That will give you a much better idea of what the going rate is.

Personal experience differs so much that we're unlikely to be able to advise you. For example, I'm also in London and know several nannies who are on £12net an hour! That's very much becoming the going rate for experienced nannies in my local area.

Thermomix Mon 26-Oct-15 02:07:27

Look on the Facebook groups. More likely to fine experienced nanny there than childcare site.
Yes agree a gross wage but bear in mind you are only offering 30 hrs a week as a maternity cover. Therefore, £13 gross for the period of cover. Just my suggestion.

freshmint Mon 26-Oct-15 17:52:17

Thanks thermomix.

I'm now wondering if I can increase my cleaning lady hours and use a dog walker and ironing person as top up.
More to organise though...
There is really v little nannying needed because of age of kids and they are at school from 8 to 5.45 (private). Hmmm it's tricky.

brokenmouse Mon 26-Oct-15 21:37:23

More likely min 12 pounds per hour net I think.

Really? Nothing like that in NW London (£10 phn standard), can it be that much more expensive?

SocksRock Mon 26-Oct-15 21:47:28

If it's very little nannying needed, could you look at a short term aupair maybe? The attraction of being near to Oxford might help with that, especially if you are on a bus route

Karoleann Tue 27-Oct-15 08:25:32

OP - just advertise for £12/gross and see if you get anyone.

The rate in Beaconsfield is £8-£10/net but it is slightly higher for nanny/housekeepers or for part-time hours.

freshmint Tue 27-Oct-15 15:38:21

I haven't got anywhere to put an au pair sadly.

BUT I spoke to my existing cleaner today who is going to rejig her schedule to come 4 or 5 hours a day x 4 days a week at £11ph gross. She will also take ironing home and charge extra for that. The other day I will get a dog walker to take the dogs out for 2 hrs in the middle of the day. I think that will work! Phew...

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