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Any cm's taken on an assistant?

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PhoebeMcPeePee Thu 22-Oct-15 14:52:19

I'm currently full and routinely turning away both pre-school and wraparound enquiries so I'm wondering whether to expand I've take on an assistant or just tick along as I am now. I definitely miss regular adult interaction and sometimes go out with mindees as much for my own sanity as their entertainment when I know they are just as happy doing crafts or activities at home. I work 4 days and would want to keep at least 1 day just me but do like the idea of working with someone 1 or 2 days a week.

I know someone local to me who I think would be ideal: an ex nursery teacher who stopped since having her own 2 year old now wanting an income but not wanting to go back into a nursery setting again. Easy going, laid back, knows the eyfs inside out (a real plus for me as I'm rubbish with that side of my business blush).

Anyone taken on an assistant & regretted it or has it worked well? Given this lady has a pre-schooler, how many more children would we actually be able to take on (I'd need 2 for every hour she works to justify the employment). Space in my home & car isn't an issue and I would expect it to be a TTO arrangement as I have far fewer mindees in the holidays . Any feedback would be great as it's a big step and

fishfacedcow Sat 24-Oct-15 22:40:44

I took on an assistant last November and it is the best thing I have done by far. I get on really well with her, I knew her before and she used to be a part time nursery nurse. I think its important to like the person, because you are
going to be spending more time with them than your partner!

My assistant works flexibly as do I and we have an arrangement where i text her on a Sunday and let her know what days she is needed. She has also got me out of the mud a couple of times, turning up just for a cuppa, just when i needed her. she has a flexible contract. I had another assistant, but it was always her intention to set up on her own, and it was treated as a work placement rather than a long term job opportunity.

I think its important to be realistic and honest and open about what you expect/need.

If there is anything specific you need to know, then just ask.

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