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How long for live in nanny to move out once I've given notice?

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PartyintheKitchen Sun 13-Sep-15 19:32:10

My DH and I have decided to give our live in nanny notice. Various reasons but ultimately we really don't feel she's committed to the job. She has only been with us three weeks and so her notice period is 1 week, as per her contract. Now I'm unsure, how long do we give her to move out after we give notice? I'm thinking it should be one week which aligns with notice period but dh thinks that may be too difficult for her and wants us to give her two weeks to move out. We're based in London, she's not from the country but seems to have plenty of friends here (she has been in London three years). What's the norm for this situation?

VodkaValiumLattePlease Sun 13-Sep-15 20:17:59

Wow one weeks notice to be homeless seems really really harsh.

nannynick Sun 13-Sep-15 20:38:52

Start by giving the notice period as per contract but be prepared to extend a little. Give help in finding alternative accommodation, she may well find somewhere to go quite quickly. If she does not find alternative accommodation, then offer a couple of days good will but do not get into a situation where she is your tenant. Looking at the Rent A Room Scheme details may help, as if she does stay longer then you would be renting her the room.

PartyintheKitchen Mon 14-Sep-15 10:47:16

Thanks for that, appreciate the advice. I would absolutely hate to see her homeless, that won't happen of course, I'm no monster. I am a little concerned that without a timeframe it could drag on, that's all really. We have been super accommodating to her and won??t see her hard done by. We will help her find a new place, I know too that she has lots of friends and may even prefer to stay with them while she room-hunts.

She asked if we could trial that she work in a nursery part time which led to us now having a separate nanny to cover those hours. It has just got to the stage where now we feel that our children are being somewhat compromised to aid her exploration of a possible nursery career which is now obvious. We really never should have agreed to it but felt we had to as it was all so last minute before my return to work from mat leave. You live and learn, now we know we want a live out nanny who will put our children first on a daily basis. To say the past few weeks have been stressful is an understatement, I really feel like I have let my boys down in order to help the nanny. sad

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 14-Sep-15 14:54:57

So she lives in full time but works part time for you and you have another nanny as well to cover other hours

Wow confusing

Why did you offer her live in?

Agree a week is nothing when finding accomdation so maybe 2 weeks

Will the other nanny do her hours?

PartyintheKitchen Mon 14-Sep-15 15:32:44

Yup, I know right, so complicated. I feel like a right fool for letting it get this far. Originally we had agreed a full time live in position, 8-6, Mon-Thurs and half days Fridays. Sole charge of my two boys 1 yo and 3 yo but 3 yo goes to nursery part of the day. Then a position opened up at my son's nursery that she found out about, two weeks before she was due to start with us she had asked us if she could work there and be our part time nanny. We were on holidays at the time and knew a really nice girl who could cover the morning hours, it seemed "easier" to agree to this than to start the whole process again whilst abroad. Morning nanny can't do the full day as she already has after school pick-ups to attend to. Now it's gotten to the stage that live in is totally obsessed with her nursery position, I come home to slight chaos, laundry ignored, nappies thrown by the front door and a very tired and grumpy nanny. I heard from a friend that she saw nanny on the bus with my children on the way home from my 3 yo nursery run, she left 1 yo in buggy and sat some seats away from 1 yo with my 3 yo. Friend gave her a bit of a talking to thankfully but I was so very upset when I heard this and have asked her never to leave 1 yo like this again. I feel that she really is not committed to my family, now you probably understand why.

Thankfully I have just found out that a lady I totally adore wants to come and work for us, I am so delighted smile. Fingers crossed this all happens soon.

Ok to two weeks for room hunt for current live in. I'm looking forward to her leaving!!

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