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Summer only au pairs?

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JugglingChaotically Sun 23-Aug-15 22:49:37

Do they work?
How do your DCs cope with the lack of stability?
Our lovely nanny has just quit and we could just about juggle term time but summer impossible. Easter hard.
Would appreciate your thoughts about how your DCs dealt with this.
Our DCs have found new nannies hard in past. Even when in role 2 year plus.
So have I.

JugglingChaotically Sun 23-Aug-15 23:03:57

Posted in wrong place! Sorry
Will see if I can get it moved.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 24-Aug-15 12:25:30

Hi JugglingChaotically - we'll move this for you now.

JugglingChaotically Mon 24-Aug-15 13:19:36

Thanks, Becca

JugglingChaotically Sat 29-Aug-15 05:57:47

Can anyone help with this?
Have been wary of au pairs as they don't last long but if we have a more permanent way of covering term time that gives stability then au pairs which we all knew was just for the hols could be fun for the au pair and for us.
A nice jolly au pair for 2 or 3 months could add to the holiday feeling for DCs.
In a spin.
Didn't realise that it gets so much harder once DCs are older.

Karoleann Mon 31-Aug-15 18:53:32

It is possible to get summer au pairs that have lots of childcare experience, its still quite unsettling when a new au pairs starts, much more than a professional nanny. They don't have the experience to be able to engage children to that same extent and most of them need direction on home and childcare tasks.

However, children can have more input on their selection, which may make the transition easier. So you put your ad on au pair world with your requirements, narrow it down and then interview 3 or 4 on Sykpe. You can easily ask the important few questions first and then let the children "interview" them. For the first time we let our 9 year old have a say in our au pair and its been a great idea. He liked the fact that she had lots of Harry Potter books on her wall.

I don't know if I'd you'd maybe consider one from Easter - end of Summer which is also very do-able.

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