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Au pair and part-time job

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madasacatter Fri 21-Aug-15 08:38:45

Just a quick query about my au pair wanting a weekend job, she's asked me if it's ok to do this as she was wondering if that will mean I have to pay her tax as well as the weekend job?

ZestClaire Fri 21-Aug-15 11:57:50

Hi madasacatter

Having two jobs may mean she's over the PAYE threshold for tax (which is £204 per week) so it's likely she would need to start paying tax at one of the jobs.

She can request that HMRC split her tax code between both jobs. The split would depend on how much she earns from each employer.

Once she has found a weekend job she should call the HMRC Employee Helpline and talk it over with them. The number is 0300 200 3300.

As long as you have agreed her wages as gross, any change in her tax code will not effect you as the employer.

Hope that helps. :-)

OVienna Tue 25-Aug-15 13:54:04

If you get in there first, as I understand it, you would get all of her tax free allowance anyway.

Have you mentioned the ' pocket money' is gross?

I don't explicitly state this in our AP letter because instead I tell them we would prefer an AP not to have a second job for various reasons. If they aren't happy about this, that's fine, but we'd prefer someone who was.

I think you may have to file something monthly, which could end up being an admin pain - if I were you I would also call HMRC and check, not just leave it to her. Is she a native speaker?

My friends whose au pairs have had other jobs found themselves treated like a bit of a boarding house as the arrangement progressed and jobs that started off as a couple of hours here and there seemed to expand. I'd think hard about how it would work.

It would be interesting to hear from people who made this work.

I didn't take on a girl this year whose English was way too good for classes - I had concerns she'd get bored and as our talks progressed, the working in a second job came up.

blueshoes Tue 25-Aug-15 14:28:57

I wouldn't mind an aupair doing a few nearby cleaning jobs during the day or a weekend job (one helped mind a stall in Borough market) but anything which takes up her evenings or a large part of the day would not suit our family's schedule at all. It more difficult to make it work with a live in aupair than with a live out one.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 25-Aug-15 16:04:00

I have had an au pair with a job that fitted around her schedule with our family.
I always put all my au pairs on PAYE and do RTI every week for them ( you need to do it weekly if you pay weekly). This means that if they get a second job I have all the tax free allowance and pay no employers NI.
I can work with the right AP.

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